False Name Of God

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False Name Of God

n1989 it was announced that 'JAHBULON' would soon be dropped from ENGLAND'S Royal Arch Ritual.

'Grand Scribe Ezra' Higham denied this was a response to recent Christian condemnations. Journalists later visiting Freemason's Hall overgeard chortles that junking JAHBULON had invalidated the book 'Inside the Brotherhood' even before it was published.  However on March 4th Clifford Longley (The Times Religious Affairs correspondent) wrote that by replacing JAHBULON with JHVH - meaning Jahweh, the Jew's Holy Name for God - Masonry may be falling in 'deeper waters than the Grand Lodge has yet realised.  While to invoke a false God is idolatry, to invoke the Name of the True God falsely is blashemy.'

Non-Masons now assumed that if JAHBULON was no longer in the ritual, then Masons could at least utter this 'sacred and mysterious name' of God without having 'their heads cut off'.  Yet when England's fraternal front man was challenged to say it on radio he refused "because I've promised not to."

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False Name Of God