Knowing Where To Run

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Knowing Where To Run

Sunday 29th, 2012

he horrible mass murder scene in the theater this week is cause for this nation to stop and do some checking on what has gone wrong.  Instead, a storm of finger pointing, a cascade of new laws aimed at the wrong thing, and turning away from their own accountability will ensue.

But within that setting, total confusion within the minds of the people there kept them still long enough to get killed or wounded.

God has not given us the spirit of fear, but the spirit of:

  1. Power
    • powercourageresolution
    • With which to meet:

      • difficultiesdangers
  2. Love:
    • to Him; the Creator to others all around
    • which will carry us through

      • opposition bad times good times
  3. Sound Mind:
    • mind of Christ quietness of mind peace of the soul
    • This affords us the ability:

      • to know He is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotentto stand still, and see the salvation of the LORDweather the raging storms of Lifegives us the knowledge if Where to run

10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

The Holy Ghost is not the author

  • of confusiona timid or cowardly dispositionor of slavish fears

With His Spirit in our lives,

  • we are able to bear afflictions well
  • we have His strength and His power which enable us to bear them

When trouble comes our way, we run . . . TO the Name of the Lord, for in Him we find the power to run TO the fight, run TOWARD the enemy, swiftly, even at sometimes great peril to our physical lives.  One way or another, they could have overpowered the coward.

Why?  How?  Because we know He is to take care of us, even if we hurt or killed in the process.  We know He is omnisicient, omnipotent, omni-present.  Man is wholly dependent upon God for even their next breath.

So how do we learn the way?  Through His Word . . .  As long as the path on which you are searching points toward Him . . .

Praying the "sinners prayer" will not help you.  It is NOT Biblical.  But calling on the Name of the Lord, repenting of your sins, asking for His forgiveness for all your sins, WILL HELP YOU!

Why?  Because it is His Word.  We must come to the realization that we come to God on His terms, not ours . . .  His way is not through some unbiblical trinity doctrine, but through His Name.  The scripture above states "The name of the LORD is a strong tower . . . "

When Saul of Tarsus was struck down and blinded, he was instructed to go into the city and it shall be told thee . . .  Why did not Jesus tell Paul how to be saved?  Because He had already set the plan of salvation up to be preached by the same disciples whose understanding He'd opened.

His plan was in place.  It would be preached by those on earth that He had already ordained to do exactly that: preach the gospel.  He would not circumvent what He had already told them.  He has His own plan, and we must follow THAT plan.  Not some man-made, theology-ridden, devil-created way.  His plan of escape was through The Door , The Way , The Truth , The Life , The Creator , The Redeemer, The Saviour, God . . .

It doesn't matter how God works, what He creates . . . the enemy tries in every way possible to duplicate what God does, but, he can't.  He can only simulate.  A cheap imitation.  God built the original, simple design, of salvation: repent, be baptized in His Name, receive His Spirit into our bodies, His gift of salvation to all the world . . . but you must come in through the Door .

The enemy builds many similar, easy, wide, ways of religion.  One for every like.  If you don't like that way, try this . . ., but there's only one way to Salvation: and that's through The Door.

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Knowing Where To Run