Mistakes About Jehovah

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Mistakes About Jehovah

Mistakes about Jehovah . . .

#1: To call God Jehovah;
#2: To use the Jehovah name invented by Catholic monk Raymond Martini on 1270 AD.
#3: Accept a name for God that has mystic and satanic connections;
#4: Use fake names for God because they sound Jewish or in saying them you think God is pleased;
#5: Use these fake and invented names because scholars say they are "probably" or "might be" or guessed to be God's name;
#6: Believe these invented names are true because a rabbi, monk, priest, or catholic influenced translator put them in a Bible;
#7; Refuse to demand someone show you these names spelled that way in Bibles before 400AD;
#8: Say you have used a fake name for years and you believe God does not care what name we call him.
#9: Your religious group or organization uses these fake names so whatever they use you will use;
#10: Try to make Jesus Christ wear a fake name that he never used and which the Apostles and first Christians never knew.

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Mistakes About Jehovah