Who He Is Not What He Is

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Who He Is Not What He Is

itles only tell what a thing, person, place is.  Titles do not tell Who a person is.  It's not what the person is, it is Who that person is.

When the titles of the "trinity" were chosen out of the many, many titles available in the Bible, one soon realizes that they don't really tell Who the person was in whose name they are attempting call.  That's where the trouble starts.  The titles take away the diety of Jesus the Saviour so people would not know Who He was, only what He was.

As human we tend to place God on a What He is basis.  We tend to put Him on the mantle, to look at, for others to see, to be used at our notion or whim and that, for our advantage.

There will come a time in each of our lives when we will have to identify Him or be lost.  It doesn't work if we call on god.  We must know Who God is, and how to get his attention.  When you need God, you don't start shotgunning down through a list of some three thousand titles.  You call HIS NAME.  One.  Singular.

There will come a time in our lives when we will need Him, but when we call, He won't be reached if you don't call Him by Name . . .  

When it comes to salvation, you need to know Whos' Name is being invoked.  Unless you call the Name, you could be calling the worst devils in the underworld for salvation.  As for me, I want to know that the Name on which I call has the power of the only wise and true God behind it.  How?  Call Him by His Name!

When I'm baptized, I want to know that I'm calling on "the Name of The Son" for redemption, not just any son.  Many sons died whose blood could have been supportive in bringing salvation . . . what? you may ask.

Before you take up stones, consider this.  Many valiant men died preserving the bloodline of Jesus.  They were supportive of the fact that the men who survived did so long enough to ensure the seed line to Abraham was kept intact.  But in their names is no salvation.  It's only in the Name of the begotten Son, the flesh, which is the only visible face of God we'll ever see.

Calling the titles (Father, Son & Holy Ghost), over a person being baptised for salvation could be compared to trying to bring down an armoured fighter jet with a BB gun.


Calling the Name of Jesus for salvation, IS like firing a cannon at a mouse at point blank range!

If you want Salvation, call the NAME of Jesus!

Their names, were without a doubt, in the many bloodlines wrought by Abraham.  And they died in battle by the thousands shedding their blood for their nation, their way of life and the bloodline of their ancestry.  With their support and the death of many, they ensured that bloodline until the coming of the One came to walk this earth in a blood, bone and flesh body. . .

One Who did no sin, which would taint that blood.  It was the blood in THAT body which was clean blood.  Perfect blood.  Sinless blood.  Blood that was equal too or better than Adam's blood . . .

The bloodline of Jesus is in the Bible.  While others died shedding their blood in support of that bloodline, is there any salvation in their blood?  Absolutely not.  Why?  Because their blood was tainted with sin, whereas the blood of Jesus was not tainted as every other person who ever lived was and is.

But Adam's blood was pure, clean, undefiled . . . that is, until it was tainted by the sin of disobedience and rebellion.  By one man, death entered into the world

So, when you call on a son, which is merely a title, you gotta know which son you're wanting.  Although Jesus was not an earthly father, (he knew not a woman in the earthly sense), He was the Father of Creation (this has to be revealed to you like it was Peter.  (Matthew 16:13)  But, if you want the One Who threw out the stars in heaven, created the earth, the sun, the moon, and knelt down in the dirt one day and created man, you have to call Him by His Name.

If you want a Comforter, (in this case supposedly invoked by the title Holy Ghost), you have to call that Comforter by Name.  If you don't call the Comforter by by name, you might get one of Job's Comforters.  But John, (John 14:26) tells it like it is.  "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My Name . . .   He will teach you all things and bring unto your remembrance all things whatsoever I have said unto you.

Again, a title is used in talking about something, a "what" if you will.  It does not tell Who the what is . . .  It only says what it, and what it was going to do.  But those titles did not say WHO IT WAS!  If you want to know WHO it was, call it by Name.

Now, earlier in this same passage of scripture, it identifies the speaker by Name, so, you know who's talking:  It was Jesus.  You can relate the conversation to Whom is talking, but it does not identify of Whom the speaker is talking by name, but by title.  How do you know about whom the speaker in this passage of scripture is talking?  Because Jesus was talking.  Notice I didn't use a title here, I used the Name.

This is a no-brainer.  If Jesus is talking, and, He states that the Father is going to send a Comforter, and Jesus states the Comforter will come in "MY" Name, then the Name of the Comforter is . . . . . . Jesus.

Confusing?  Not at all.  But, many places in scripture Jesus spoke in terms which would hide the truth from the wise and prudent, and reveal it unto babes.

In other words, many had ears to hear, and eyes to see, but they couldn't see nor hear what He was saying.  Why?  Because they had their own pre-conceived ideas of Who the King would be, certainly not this one who ate with publicans (tax collectors), and sinners (those who kept not the law).  Certainly not this carpenter's son.  A carpenter was one who worked for others.  He did not own his own land, or very little at all; so small it would not support his family so he was relegated to physically working for others doing what they would not.

But Jesus skillfully uses one paragraph to knock out and dis-alnull the trinity which at that time was not within the religious society of the Jews who kept the law.  It was only used within the worship of the pagan, unknown, man made philosphic gods, like Tammuz, Nimrod, Baal, Molech . . .

He (Jesus speaking), stated:

* There would be a Comforter.

(But the Comforter; remember is only a title that tells what it is; it is something that will be a comfort to you . . . but it does not state a Name . . .)

* What the Comforter would be.  Which is the Holy Ghost


What?  We're gonna get a ghost?  Look a little closer at it.  Ghost is a noun.  It doesn't tell you what the Name of the ghost is.  It just tells you that there is going to be a ghost, and it's a spirit.

But this ghost will be a comfort to you, not a tormentor, not one to make you do crazy stuff, not one to depress you, or oppress you, or one that would cause you to self-destruct.

But this ghost will bring peace, joy, contentment, life, purpose.  If you don't call that spirit (ghost) by NAME, it ain't no telling what kind of spirit (ghost) you might be getting . . .

Now God is a spirit, but God nor spirit are Names.  They are only titles.

* What the Name of that Comforter would be.

In the portion of this passage of scripture we have a very good idea as to the Name of the Comforter that would be sent would be Jesus.  Why?  Because Jesus states that the Father will send it in my name.  But, if you don't call that Father by name, which Father are you calling?  And, how do you know which Father is going to respond if you don't call him by name?

Think this is confusing?  Hardly, especially when you compare it to the trinity . . .  With Jesus Name baptism, all you have to do is keep up with 1 (one, uno, singuler) name!  And that Name is Jesus!  No, Christ is not a name, but merely a description . . . usually, tagged onto the end of Jesus to state that the Christ was in fact, Jesus.

* What is sending it.

What is sending the Comforter?  A higher entity than Jesus?  This was never implied, nor inferred, certainly not stated.  Then why would He use the term, Father?  The short answer is this:  He, Jesus, wanted to make sure the men with whom He was speaking, and who He was teaching, understood that the gift of the ghost, would be coming from the One who created them, the One who provided for them, the One Who felt responsible for them.  Did not He say in His Word that the man that provideth not for his family is worse than an imbecile?

Jesus wanted them to know WHICH Father was sending the ghost.  But the ghost, would only come in His Name, (Jesus Speaking), so, to make sure you got what was coming in Jesus Name, what title do you call?  Nope.  Too risky.  Better call the NAME!

*What that Comforter would do.

Teach you all things.
He will be a leader and a guider in what is right and wrong according to His will . . .

* Bring all things to your memory

Fix your memory problems  How else would a human being be able to remember all the things Jesus had taught them over the course of three and a half years?

People are prone to stop there . . .  In order to remember all that He said unto you, you must have had it spoken within your hearing before.  In this case, since they had not the written word as of yet, it was all by verbal speaking and physical hearing.

Now, we have the written Word.  We get the largest part of our Word of God by reading it ourselves.  Only a small portion comes to us via preaching.  Some people get very little because they don't read it or study it; they don't write it upon the tables of their heart.  They don't bind His laws and precepts around their neck.

So in essence, He can't bring unto their remembrance, because it is not IN their memory.

* Whatsoever I have said unto you.

Jesus was speaking new concepts within their hearing which had never been revealed on earth before; of a new dispensation which was soon coming; a time when salvation would be complete, finished.  A time wherein they would not have to make the trip and kill a lamb each year to roll the sins forward.  He spoke of a Lamb's blood (that was pure, perfect, sinless blood), which would be shed once and for all.

He spoke of blood which would purchase continual washing and regeneration, and would be in effect as long as they stayed under it . . . forever.  But, aas in the original plan of sacrifice, you had make sure one had everything in order, correct.  One had to make sure you had THE CORRECT blood, by calling THE Name of the One sinless One Who shed that perfect blood.  You can't afford to trust a title here . . . where you spend eternity rides on this decision.  You want trust the Name . . .

So you see, we don't get the benefit of the name unless we call that name.  You can't get George to 'hand me my Bible' unless you tell George.  If you say son hand me that Bible, every man in the world is a son, and you might be talking to any one of them.  How to know to which son are you talking?

In this scenario it's not what He is that is important . . .
It's WHO He is!!

You might be in close proximity to George but, that doesn't mean that you mean George.

Just because you're looking at a certain son, doesn't mean that particular son is going to move.  His mind might be on his '57 Chevy out in the parking lot, but someone with a '67 clunker might have his mind on what George saying, and, because he is listening to George, he might hand George the Bible.  The point is, if you want George to do it, call George by his name.  You just don't get the right person by calling him or her by their title.  You might as well say "hey you!"

Calling the titles (father, son & holy ghost), over a person being baptised for salvation could be compared to trying to bring down a fighter jet which is not even in sight with a BB gun.  But calling the Name of Jesus for salvation, would be like firing a cannon at a mouse at point blank range!  If you want Salvation, you better call the NAME of Jesus!

The whole of salvation is riding on the terminology of the person doing the baptizing.  When they call on the Name of Jesus, they are specifying the Name given by scripture, by using the instructions and examples therein.  Even Matthew 28:19 tells us to baptize in the Name.  Most preachers today do not obey that commandment.  They merely repeat it . . .  never specifying WHAT THE NAME IS.

The result?  You go down a dry sinner, and come up a wet sinner.

But Jesus didn't stop there.  In John 14:26, He said "He shall teach you 'ALL' things".  In Matthew 28:20, He, Jesus, went on to say something that most people leave off.  Here it is:  Matthew 28:20, the last scripture in Matthew, Jesus tells those disciple, after baptising them in the Name, Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.

What other things had He commanded them?  Many of those things were recorded in the final chapters of the Bible which is the New Testamnnt.  When Luke, the physician, recorded the same incident of which we read in Matthew, he stated in chapter 24, verse 46 &47,

Now this is vitally important.  Notice He, Jesus, said nothing about baptising them in the titles, but in both instances (Matthew 28:19, Luke 24:47), He spoke twice of the same thing.  This was after He opened their understanding . . .  He revealed all those things which He had spoken to them.

If you aren't wearing His Name, you won't be in His bride . . .  You can't be in the bride without the wedding garment.  You don't get the wedding garment if you're not clean and white.  You don't get clean and white without the blood.  You don't get the blood without the Name . . .  What Name?  The Name of Jesus.

Personally, when I have the chance to speak to someone, whether on a one to one basis, or, in front of a congregation, I feel the heaviness upon my shoulders of the weight of the salvation of all those who would hear the words I am speaking.  Because we're talking of souls whose blood could be required of my hands if I don't speak (Ezekiel 33:9) according to the WORD.  The Word said call the Name.

Whatever I say, HAS TO BE RIGHT!  It has to correspond to the Word.  If my interpretation of a passage of scripture disagrees with another passage, I have the worng interpretation . . .  Peter got it right because of the revelation of Who Jesus was had been revealed unto Him.

When the disciples, having their understanding opened, went back to Jerusalem, and waited for the promise, they obeyed the instructions of Jesus.  The entire message of Truth to the entire world was riding on Peter getting it right.

And then, on the day of Pentecost, Peter preached what had been revealed to him, the disciples backing him up, preached the Name.  In the rest of the New Testament, all were commanded to be baptised in the Name.  Nothing was EVER mentioned about using TITLES.  It always specified the NAME.  Even Matthew 28:19 . . .

So in closing, this article begs the question:  How then were ye baptised?   (Read it)

What other Name could be used?Acts 4:12  There just is no other . . .

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Who He Is Not What He Is