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have seen many "judges" among the ministers and believers "in the message".  To them, a person is "in the message" only when he fits into "their revelation" of what the Endtime Message should be.  They have what I would call "The Quote-yardstick" by which they would size up the person to find out whether or not he is truly "in the message".  If he does not measure up to their Quote-yardstick, they would knock him on the head with it and perhaps try to inject some "revelation" or "holiness" into him — "

The prophet said, to practise Church order!" "The prophet said, to blow your TV away!" "Did the prophet give you permission to do this?!" "You have no authority to do that, if the prophet did not say anything about that!"  "The prophet said . . . "this!"  "The prophet said . . . "that!" Etc, etc.

Yes, I have known people who actually did these things.  There are also some who believe that a believer can only do, or must not do, certain things a certain preacher says.   A brother I know is so powerful, his words have become the laws of his followers.  His every word is considered divine in so much that many were made, by the deceiving spirit, to believe that he was The Son of Man, The Word of God, or Elohim Himself.  (Some believers in other countries have proclaimed him to be Christ The Lord, some even going so far as to be baptized in his name . . . ).

When a group of people subscribes to a set of rules and is governed by a Ruler (in this case the tradition of the Quote-yardstick invented by some men) it has become organized as a denomination.

I don't believe these people even realize the consequences.  Being under such an influence, they are motivated to polish up the image of their belief to let others know that they are "in the message".  Unfortunately, they also fail to realize that they are actually erecting an image to that dreadful Beast mentioned in the Book of Revelation.  By the same token, when the people preach some big minister and his taped messages instead of Christ, the Word of God, they are erecting an image to the Beast!  Their Ruler is no longer the Christ (Word) of God but the Quotes (words) of man.  And behind all that is the spirit of the antichrist!

I am glad that I have stayed with the message "Once delivered to the Saints."  I sincerely believe in that Message which the prophet had brought to God's people.  That message was given by God to cause those who had strayed from His Word to get back "in the Christ" "in the Word" as their hearts are turned back to the Faith of the Apostolic Fathers.  My Ruler is Christ the Lord.  My Yardstick is His Word.  To every true elect of God, CHRIST JESUS and the LOGOS in the Bible are the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY.

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