Do You Know The Real Meaning Of The Wedding Traditions?

Take this short quiz to see how much you REALLY know about weddings.    The submit buttton at the end of the quiz will give you a score, then, along with the correct answers are short Biblical explanations corresponding to that answer.

1.  Why do ushers seat the families and friends of the bride and groom on opposite sides of the auditorium?

a.  To sit with those they know.
b.  To show whom they support.
c.  To symbolize uniting of two families.
d.  To see who has more friends.
e.  None of the above.

2.  Why do ushers unroll a white runner down the center aisle?

a.  To keep the brides' gown clean.
b.  To protect the carpet.
c.  To keep others off the aisle.
d.  None of the above

3.  Why are the parents of the bride and groom given special seating?

a.  They are honored guests.
b.  They signal the time to begin.
c.  They are part of the ceremony.
d.  None of the above.

4.  Why does the groom enter the auditorium before the bride?

a.  To show he initiated the marriage.
b.  To officially begin the ceremony.
c.  To greet the bride.
d.  None of the above.

5.  Why does the father of the bride walk with her down the aisle?

a.  To keep her from falling.
b.  To give the bride away.
c.  To endured the public ordeal.
d.  None of the above.

6.  What is the real significance of the wedding dress?

a.  To symbolize the purity of the bride.
b.  To show the purity of the marriage.
c.  To draw attention to the bride.
d.  None of the above.

7.  Why does the minister ask the question, "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?"

a.  To demonstrate the parents agreement
b.  To give the father the final word.
c.  To include the father in the program.
d.  None of the above.

8.  Why do the bride and groom take each others' right hand during the wedding vows?

a.  To demonstrate the unity of the vows.
b.  To give each other moral support.
c.  To seal the marriage contract.
d.  None of the above.

9.  Why does the minister address the bridegroom first in the wedding vows?

a.  Because he is to be the leader.
b.  Because he represents Christ.
c.  Because he has more responsibility.
d.  None of the above.

10.  What is the real significance of the wedding ring?

a.  It symbolizes eternal love.
b.  It illustrates unbroken fellowship.
c.  It is a picture of unity.
d.  None of the above.

11.  What is the special meaning of the veil which the bride wears?

a.  To hide the brides' blushing.
b.  To shield her until the time to kiss.
c.  To add mystery to the event.
d.  None of the above.

12.  Why does the minister say "I now pronounce you husband and wife?"

a.  To demonstrate his legal authority.
b.  To conclude the wedding vows.
c.  To confirm that they are now married
d.  None of the above.

13.  What is the purpose of officially introducing the couple to the wedding guests?

a.  To signify the end of the ceremony.
b.  To show that the marriage has begun.
c.  To remind guests how to address them.
d.  None of the above.

14.  Why does the couple sign wedding papers?

a.  To fulfill the states' requirements.
b.  To finalize the marriage contract.
c.  To establish a public document
d.  None of the above.

15.  What is the significance of the guests signing the guest book?

a.  To let the couple know who attended.
b.  To get an official count of the guests.
c.  To provide a book of remembrances
d.  None of the above.

16.  What is the special purpose of the receiving line?

a.  To kiss the bride.
b.  To congratulate the couple.
c.  To meet the bridal party.
d.  None of the above.

17.  Why is a special invitation given to attend a reception?

a.  To minimize expenses of the wedding.
b.  To get an accurate RSVP count.
c.  To show which guests are special.
d.  None of the above.

18.  What is the significance of food being served at a wedding reception?

a.  The guests are usually hungry.
b.  Payment for gifts that are given.
c.  Get acquainted with the new couple.
d.  None of the above.

19.  Why does the couple feed cake to each other during the reception?

a.  To show how coordinated they are.
b.  To add amusement to the celebration.
c.  To show their care of each other.
d.  None of the above.

20.  Why do the guests throw rice at the newlywed couple?

a.  To initiate them to marriage.
b.  To symbolize showers of prosperity.
c.  To wish them good health.
d.  None of the above.

OK!  Satisfied with your answers?  If so, the submit button below will return your score . . .

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