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People sometimes confuse education with intelligence.

Education is not the whole enchilada . . .

You can have all kinds of degrees . . .
and still be an idiot.
To me, you are perfect.
Ten Year Challenge
Ten Year Challenge
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Consider This
Consider This
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Sometimes it causes us to wonder . . .
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Did You Know

Did You Know
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The mighty eagle . . .
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Poem of the Day
Poem of the Day
Bitter Memories
Daily Gospel Song
Gospel Song of the Day
Beulah Land
Merle Ewing
Daily Quote
Charles H. Spurgeon
Charles H. Spurgeon

The law is for the self-righteous, to humble their pride:  the gospel is for the lost, to remove their despair.

~ Charles H. Spurgeon

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Daily Deep Think Daily Deep Think System
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    Democracy will be made to seem responsible for the lagging economy, the scarcity and uncertainties.  The very concept of democracy could then be brought into question and allow for the seizure of power.
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Daily Giggle
Lil Giggles
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Daily Quote Unthinkable
Unthinkable Praised
Daily Quote Daily Quote
Daily Quote
Facebook just sounds like a drag, in my day seeing pictures of peoples vacations was considered a punishment
~ Betty White
Great Orators of Dumb
Great Orators of Dumb
Great Orators of Dumb
Great Orators of Dumb
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Trump pics n qtes
President Trump Quotes
My whole life is about winning.  

I don't lose often.  

I almost never lose.

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Political Quotes
Political Quotes

"What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance."
"Let them take arms."


- Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, December 20, 1787

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