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People sometimes confuse education with intelligence.

Education is not the whole enchilada . . .

You can have all kinds of degrees . . .
and still be an idiot.
Every day with you grows fonder.
Consider This
Consider This
Sometimes it causes us to wonder . . .
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Lemme splain it to ya . . .

"It’s really quite simple:  The third dose increases immunity, so after the fourth dose you'll be protected.  Once 80% of the population has received the fifth dose, the restrictions can be relaxed as the sixth dose stops the virus from spreading.  I am confident that the seventh dose will solve our problems and we'll have no reason to fear the eighth dose.  The clinical phase of the ninth dose will confirm that the antibodies remain stable after the tenth dose.  The eleventh dose will insure that no new mutations will develop, so there is no longer any reason to criticize the twelfth dose."
Henry Kissinger Quote
Articles of Interest Rotator Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest

We have learned that a bunch of cows is called a herd, a group of Geese is a gaggle . . . and several others.  But did you know a bunch of monkeys is called a Congress . . . . quite fitting I say.  Take a look at what a well known web site opines of the subject:

A popular meme contains a picture with several baboons playing in the snow captioned:  "Did you know that a large group of baboons is called a Congress?"

As the meme goes on to explain:

"We are all familiar with a herd of cows, a flock of chickens, a school of fish and a gaggle of geese.  However, less widely known is a pride of lions, a murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens), an exaltation of doves and, presumably because they look so wise, a parliament of owls. "Now consider a group of baboons.  They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.  And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?  Believe it or not ... a Congress!  I guess that pretty much explains the things that come out of Washington!"

The meme does explain one thing:  The person who posted or sent it does not know what a large group of baboons is called.

BUT!!  The name has caught on and seems to be firmly established on the 'net'!

I am becoming to believe more every day that our Congress, or at least a huge part of them, are a bunch of weak kneed, spineless immorals who back up on their beliefs under the screams of a few loudmouths.

Whatever happened to professionalism, restraint, courteous people who stated their views which will benefit Americans without making the clown of themselves?  Loudmouths who scream a dozen different isms with the intention of backing down their opponents no matter what childlike or embarrasing actions are displayed

They exude no adult, proper or professional examples but spew San Fanciso sidewalk toppings of sewer garbage being prompted with the likes of the naacp, hillary clinton, waters and the like.

They bowed in reverence of a druggie homosexual with as little experience at organizing anything - much less being an asset to Congress, then placed him in the office of the most powerful man on earth!  What kind of lunacy is this?  The largest part of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, did nothing to stop him but let him ship pallets of cash (cold hard green dollar bills) to Iran to appease them, air drop arms, allow them to go on gasing thousands.

Methinks Hunter Biden had more experience in the gas industry than the poor excuse for a man obama was.

And now we have a President who stands up to Iran in the protection of our troops over there and what do we see?  That same gaggle, or congress spew their opinions before even attempting to learn anything about the lead up to the situation.

We see presidential hopefuls stating "It's obvious President Trump didn't think this thing out . . . ."  What!?  Did he flip a coin one day and say "I think we'll just go kill a few Iranians today . . ."

These are the same people that are wanting to LEAD America into even greater exploits than we've ever been capable?  No.  They want to appease everybody.  Hugs, not bullets.  Take away our effectiveness of peace keeping.

All this in the face of the most profitable American economy in history and going higher than anyone can believe.  Yet the gaggle, excuse me, congress, or those on the pelosi side of the aisle, continue to degrade, defame, name call, even attacking the family of the most effective President this nation has ever known.

Robin Williams -Congressional Sponsors

It's time to clean house in our government and get those who are not interested in bettering this country out!  It's time to stand up for this grand country that God has allowed us to live in.

Draining the swamp means a house cleaning in the FBI, CIA, NSA and all those other fields where dormant American haters lie sleeping.  That would mean an end to all those who are being swayed and payed by the lobbyists.

George Cavaness

The mighty eagle . . .
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Mark Twain
Mark Twain
Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence in society.
~ Mark Twain

Born:  Samuel Langhorne Clemens,
Nov 30, 1835 - Apr 21, 1910.
President Trump Quotes
I have a great relationship with the Mexican people.

Great Orators of Dumb
Great Orators of Dumb
Great Orators of Dumb
The Presidents
United States Presidents
William McKinley

25th President of the United States

In office:
March 4, 1897 - September 14, 1901

Vice President:
Garret Hobart (1897 - 1899)
None (1899 - 1901)
Theodore Roosevelt(Mar - Sep. 1901)

Preceded by
Grover Cleveland

Succeeded by:
Theodore Roosevelt

Political party:

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William McKinley Jr.
(January 29, 1843 - September 14, 1901)

William McKinley was the 25th president of the United States, serving from March 4, 1897, until his assassination six months into his second term. During his presidency, McKinley led the nation to victory in the Spanish - American War, raised protective tariffs to promote American industry and kept the nation on the gold standard in a rejection of free silver.

McKinley was the last president to have served in the American Civil War and the only one to have started the war as an enlisted soldier, beginning as a private in the Union Army and ending as a brevet major.  After the war, he settled in Canton, Ohio, where he practiced law.

In 1876, he was elected to Congress, where he became the Republican Party's expert on the protective tariff which he promised would bring prosperity.  His 1890 McKinley Tariff was highly controversial, which together with a Democratic redistricting aimed at gerrymandering him out of office led to his defeat in the Democratic landslide of 1890.

With the aid of his close adviser Mark Hanna, he secured the Republican nomination for president in 1896 amid a deep economic depression.  He defeated his Democratic rival William Jennings Bryan after a front porch campaign in which he advocated "sound money" (the gold standard unless altered by international agreement) and promised that high tariffs would restore prosperity.

Rapid economic growth marked McKinley's presidency.  He promoted the 1897 Dingley Tariff to protect manufacturers and factory workers from foreign competition and in 1900 secured the passage of the Gold Standard Act.

McKinley hoped to persuade Spain to grant independence to rebellious Cuba without conflict, but when negotiation failed he led the nation into the Spanish - American War of 1898. The United States victory was quick and decisive.  As part of the peace settlement, Spain turned over to the United States its main overseas colonies of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines while Cuba was promised independence, but at that time remained under the control of the United States Army.  The United States annexed the independent Republic of Hawaii in 1898 and it became a United States territory.

Historians regard McKinley's 1896 victory as a realigning election in which the political stalemate of the post-Civil War era gave way to the Republican-dominated Fourth Party System, which began with the Progressive Era.  McKinley defeated Bryan again in the 1900 presidential election in a campaign focused on imperialism, protectionism and free silver.  His legacy was suddenly cut short when he was shot on September 6, 1901 by Leon Czolgosz, a second-generation Polish-American with anarchist leanings. McKinley died eight days later and was succeeded by his Vice President Theodore Roosevelt.  As an innovator of American interventionism and pro-business sentiment, McKinley's presidency is generally considered above average, though his highly positive public perception was soon overshadowed by Roosevelt.

January 29, 1843
Niles, Ohio

September 14, 1901 (aged 58)
Buffalo, New York

Resting place:
McKinley National Memorial
Canton, Ohio

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Political Quotes
Political Quotes

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."


- Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

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    The Three "R’s" used to be ’Readin’ - ’Ritin’ and ’Rithmetic’

Today they are Rioting, Rebellion, and Restlessness...  

If this continues we will have Regret, Rot and Ruin...

What we need is Respect, Religion and Responsibility . . .
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The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper
~ Bertrand Russell
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