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I needed a reminder this
morning how blessed I am.
When I awoke this morning I asked myself, "What is life about?"  I found the answer in my room.
The fan said, "Be cool."
The roof said, "Aim high."
The window said, "the world."
The clock said, "Every minute is precious."
The mirror said, "Reflect before you act."
The calendar said, "Be up to date."
The door said, "Push hard for your goals."
The floor said, "Kneel down and pray."

God whispered I will take you to it all.  He'll meet us there!
Judy Rose

If you fall in love with their looks, that love might fade. 
But fall in love with their heart and mind and your love will only grow stronger.

The Coming New World Order
The peace conference has assembled.  It will make the most momentous decisions in history, and upon these decisions will rest the stability of the New World Order and the future peace of the world.
~   M.C. Alexander, Executive Secretary of the American Association for International Conciliation
God Bless President Trump
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LBIAS       #54
Stuck In The Outhouse
   Quotes by SG ~ 61.
null God has provided bountifully for my family and I

~ George Cavaness
   President Trump
I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh - not Paris.

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God Bless America
God Bless America