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Cal was out driving in the country seeing how his new car handled the curvy roads at high speeds.  As he rounded a corner, one of his tires blew.

When he got out of the car to change the tire he realized he'd had stopped in front of the state mental asylum.  On top of the brick wall in front of the facility a man was perched somewhat like a bird.

Cal went about his business not paying much attention to the guy on the fence with the exception of a wave.  He got the car jacked up, removed the hubcap and pretty like we all do, placed the wheel lugnuts in the hubcap one at a time as he took them off.

About this time, the guy on the fence - known for being a very loud talker, decided to start a conversation.  This startled the driver, and he reeled around rather quickly stepping on one side of the hubcap.  Like a slingshot the lug nuts were tossed out of their safety in the cap, then everyone one of them started rolling in direction of the sewer drain.

During his mad scrambling around in his attempt to save them from being lost, he was unable to grab any of them.  They all fell into the sewer drain.

Cal was instantly angry with the guy on the fence, shouting, "Now look what you made me do.  Now I'm going to have to walk to town to buy some new lug nuts.  Just go back inside and leave me be."

The guy on the fence says, "Why don't you just take one lug nut from each of your other three wheels to put the spare tire on with.  That should hold it long enough for you to drive the car back to the auto parts store."

Thoughtfully Cal responds, "That's a brilliant idea . . . why are you in this place?"

The guy on the fence simply replies, "I'm only crazy - not stupid."

George Cavaness

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