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Smoking Cabin

came across a quote once which said "I spent all my adult life longing to go back to my childhood home.  When I finally stood in front of it I realized it wasn't the house for which I longed; it was my childhood."

Few things touch me more than the well traveled memories of my childhood.  I'm convinced we all have varying degrees of sendimentality.

That I'm such a sendimental old fool I guess can be put down to my childhood.  That's the reason I do everything I can to be 'Grandpa Shelton' to my own offespring.

But my six little 'Best Buddies In The Whole Wide World' (grandchildren) thinks that's OK!

So after much urging from my sweetheart, I've decided to write them, and even set them on my site.  What she hasn't figured out is she's next!

These stories are true.  They are things I remember, many as just a small tot.  But, these things helped give me a direction in life that is worth more than all the money in the world.

Keep in mind I've tried to use the same verbage, pronounciation and spelin' that we used back in them there days . . .   :~) . . .  and if you think something is not 'writ' right, just go back, read it again, and just let the simpleness of it sink into yer brain . . .  Don't go stooped (grin) on me . . .

Hopefully, these stories will liven your heart, and give you an idea of the wonderful priviledge it is to grow up on a farm in Arkansas . . .

You can read a little about me here if you want:

About the author . . .

George Cavaness

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