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  1. Hallelu Hallelu Hallelu Hallelujah
  2. Hallelujah Anyhow
  3. Hallelujah He's A Prayer Answering God
  4. Hallelujah He's A Prayer
  5. Hallelujah Oh Lord We Praise Your Name
  6. Have Faith Hope And Charity
  7. Have Thine Own Way Lord
  8. He's Able Hes Able I Know
  9. He's Able
  10. He's All I Need
  11. He's As Close As The Mention Of His Name
  12. He's As Close As The Mention
  13. He's Done So Much For Me
  14. He's Got The Whole World
  15. He's My Bread When Im Hungry
  16. He's My Lord And My God
  17. He's My Rock My Sword My Shield
  18. He's Still Working On Me
  19. He's Sweet I Know
  20. He Is Exalted
  21. He Is My Everything
  22. He Lifted Me Out Of
  23. He Touched Me
  24. He Was Wounded For Our Transgressions
  25. He Wrote My Name
  26. Heaven Had A Little Taste Of Heaven
  27. Heavenly Father Is Appreciate You
  28. Here's My Cup Lord
  29. Here We Go Round The Jericho Wall
  30. Holy Holy Holy
  31. Hosanna Blessed Be The Rock
  32. How Great Is Our God

May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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