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  1. Take This Whole World
  2. Thank You Lord For Saving My Soul
  3. The Bible Thats The Book For Me
  4. The Devil Is A Sly Old Fox
  5. The Lord's My Shepherd
  6. The Name Of The Lord Is
  7. The Reason Im In This Church
  8. The Wise Man Built His House Upon
  9. There'll Be Shouting
  10. There's A Great Day Coming
  11. There's Something Within Me
  12. There Is No Telling
  13. There Shall Be Light
  14. There Was A Reason Jesus Passed By
  15. This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made
  16. This Joy That I Have
  17. This Train Is Bound For Glory
  18. Touching Jesus Is All That Matters
  19. Touching Jesus
  20. Trying To Make A Hundred
  21. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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