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  1. Watch Your Eyes Watch Your Eyes
  2. Watch Your Eyes What They See
  3. We're Coming Out Of Babylon
  4. We're Going To A Mansion
  5. We've Come To Praise Him
  6. We Are Standing On Holy Ground
  7. We Bring A Sacrifice Of Praise
  8. We Dedicate This Temple To You Lord
  9. We Have Come Into His House
  10. We Magnify Medley
  11. We Serve A Great Big Wonderful God
  12. We Will Roll E O
  13. Welcome Into This Place
  14. Well I Woke Up This Morning
  15. What A Mighty God We Serve
  16. What Do Think About Jesus
  17. When He Calls For Me
  18. When He Reached Down His Hand For Me
  19. When I See The Blood
  20. When I Think Of The Goodness
  21. When The Spirit Of The Lord
  22. Where Could I Go
  23. Where Will You Be A Million
  24. Wherever I Am I Praise Him
  25. Whither Thou Goest
  26. Who Do Men Say I Am
  27. Without Him I Could Do Nothing
  28. Wonderful Wonderful Jesus Is To Me
  29. Write Thy Name

May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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