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Praises to our God Almighty!

Listed here are upwards to fifteen hundred Gospel songs.  I hope you are blessed with them.  If you are looking for a song not listed here, I have a great number of songs un-processesd as of yet.  Please email me or send me a message via the Guest Book below.  I'll respond as soon as possible.

Include author and partials verses, choruses, or words you may.


  1. Have A Little Talk With Jesus
  2. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
  3. Had It Not Been
  4. Halleluejah! - Murrel Ewing
  5. Halleluejah I'm Going Home
  6. Halleluejah I'm Ready
  7. Have You Made Your Reservation
  8. Have You Visited Heaven Lately?
  9. Headin Home
  10. Healer
  11. Heaven's Point of View
  12. Heaven's Sounding Sweeter
  13. Heavenly Sunrise
  14. He Came Walking On
  15. He Can
  16. He First Loved Me
  17. He Forgives And Forgets
  18. He Has Never Changed
  19. He Is My Peace
  20. He Is Risen
  21. He Looked Beyond
  22. He'll Come Walking On The Water
  23. He Means The World To Me
  24. He Saw Me
  25. He Saw Not What I Was, He Saw What I Could Be
  26. He'll Understand And Say Well Done
  27. He Set Me Free
  28. He Touched Me
  29. He's Already Walked Through The Valley
  30. He's My Best Friend
  31. He Washed My Eyes With Tears
  32. He Will Carry You
  33. He Will Set Your Fields on Fire
  34. He's Coming Again
  35. He's As Close As The Mention Of His Name
  36. He's Coming Back Again
  37. He's Coming Soon
  38. He’s Got The Whole World
  39. He’s My Best Friend
  40. He's My Lighthouse
  41. He’s My Lord And My God
  42. He's Not A Stranger
  43. He’s Never Changed
  44. He Saw It All
  45. He’s Still Workin On Me
  46. He's The Lover Of My Soul
  47. He Took Me Just As I Am
  48. Here I Am To Worship
  49. Here They Come
  50. He's The Lover of My Soul
  51. He Will Calm The Troubled Waters
  52. He Wrote My Name
  53. Hillbilly Heaven
  54. Holding On To Jesus
  55. Hold to God's Unchanging Hand
  56. Holding To My Saviorís Hand
  57. Holy Ground
  58. Holy Hills Of Heaven, The
  59. Home
  60. Home In That Rock
  61. Homesick Look
  62. Home Where Grief Cannot Come
  63. Honey in the Rock
  64. Hope
  65. Hosanna Blessed Be The Rock
  66. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
  67. How Can I Hold My Peace
  68. How Did The Goats Get In
  69. How Far Is Heaven
  70. How Great It Is
  71. How Long Has It Been
  72. How Great Is Our God
  73. How Great Thou Art
  1. I Am Blessed
  2. I Am Constantly Aware Of His Love
  3. I Am Determined
  4. I Am Determined II
  5. I Believe He's Coming Back
  6. I Believe In A Hill Called Mt Calvary
  7. I Bless Your Name
  8. I Came On Business For The King
  9. I Came To Magnify The Lord
  10. I Call Him Lord
  11. I Call It Home
  12. I Came Up A Millionaire
  13. I Claim The Blood
  14. I Cannot Find The Way Alone
  15. I Can Smile
  16. I Can't Even Walk
  17. I Can't Make It Alone
  18. I Can't Stop Praising Him
  19. I Don't Feel At Home In This World Any More
  20. I Don't Regret A Mile
  21. I'd Rather Be an Old Time Christian
  22. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
  23. If Jesus Comes Tomorrow, What Then?
  24. If I Knew Of A Land
  25. If You'll Move Over
  26. If You're Talking 'Bout That Old Time Religion
  27. If I Could Telephone Heaven
  28. I Feel Like Traveling On
  29. I Feel His Promise
  30. I Forgive
  31. I Feel The Joy
  32. I Found A Better Way
  33. I Found A Treasure
  34. I Found The Answer
  35. I Found The Lily In The Valley
  36. I Go To The Rock
  37. I Got It That Way
  38. I Have A Long Way To Go
  39. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
  40. I Have But One Goal
  41. I Have Found the Way
  42. I Have Returned
  43. I Hear A Voice Callin
  44. I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen
  45. I Just Stopped By On My Way Home
  46. I Just Can't Find The Words
  47. I Just Heard From Heaven
  48. I Just Steal Away And Pray
  49. I Keep Falling In Love With Him
  50. I Know
  51. I Know A Man Who Can
  52. I Know My God Can Do It
  53. I Know You Would
  54. I Know My Lords Gonna Lead
  55. I Love Him Too Much
  56. I'm A One God Tongue Talking Apostolic
  57. I'm Climbing Up On The Rough Side Of The Mountain
  58. I'm On My Way To Heaven
  59. I Met A Man
  60. I'm So Thankful Jesus
  61. I'm Too Far Out On My Journey Friends To Heaven
  62. Into Thy Chamber
  63. In Your Presence
  64. I Remember The Day
  65. I Saw The Light
  66. I Shall Know Him
  67. I Shall Not Be Moved
  68. I Should Have Been Crucified
  69. I Started Out
  70. I Felt The Spirit
  71. I Sing Because I'm Happy
  72. If Heaven's A Dream
  73. If I Could But Touch
  74. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
  75. If Jesus Goes Along
  76. If That Don't Make You Want To Go
  77. If That Isn't Love
  78. If You Had Known Me
  79. If You See That I Might Fail
  80. If We Never Meet Again
  81. I'll Be Somewhere Listening
  82. I'll Fly Away
  83. I'll Keep Holding On To Jesus
  84. I'll Meet You In The Morning
  85. I'll See You In The Rapture
  86. I Lean On You Lord
  87. I'll Be Looking For You
  88. I'll Leave It All Behind
  89. I'll Live In A Mansion
  90. I'll Not Be Moved From Mount Zion
  91. I'll Soon Be Gone
  92. I Like The Promise
  93. I Like The Songs That Mama Sang The Best
  94. I Love Him
  95. I'm A Child Of The King
  96. I'm Bound For That City
  97. I'm Going Up Yonder
  98. I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap
  99. I'm Depending On You
  100. I'm In A New World
  101. I'm In This Church
  102. I'm Living In Canaan Now
  103. I'm Nearer Home
  104. I'm Not Perfect, Just Forgiven
  105. I’m So Glad I Know That I Am
  106. I'm Standing On The Solid Rock
  107. I'm Too Near Home
  108. I'm A Child Of The King
  109. I'm Going Home
  110. I'm Gonna Let The Glory Roll
  111. I'm Longing For Home
  112. I'm Moving Out Of Here
  113. I'm So Excited
  114. I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap
  115. I May Not Need These Grave Clothes
  116. Instrument Of Power
  117. In The Darkest Night
  118. In His Arms I'm Not Afraid
  119. In My Robe Of White
  120. In The Valley
  121. Inside The Gates
  122. Into Thy Chamber
  123. In The Garden
  124. Is That The Lights
  125. Is That The Old Ship Of Zion I See?
  126. Is That Wedding Music I Hear
  127. It Is No Secret
  128. It Might As Well Be Me
  129. I Wish I could Have Been There
  130. It Won't Be Long
  131. It Wasn't Raining
  132. It'll Be Different
  133. It'll Take Me A Million Years
  134. It's All In Him
  135. It's Me Again Lord
  136. It's My Desire
  137. It's Bubbling
  138. It's Different Now
  139. It's Shouting Time
  140. It's The Church Triumphant
  141. I Pressed Through The Crowd
  142. It Ain't Love Till You Give It Away
  143. I Talk To The Shepherd
  144. Its A Miracle
  145. It's Not An Easy Road
  146. It's Time For Love
  147. I've Been Blessed
  148. I've Been Born Again
  149. I've Been Changed
  150. I've Been With Jesus
  151. I've Come Too Far
  152. I've Found A Friend
  153. I've Got A Home In That Rock
  154. I've Got a Mansion
  155. I've Got More To Go To Heaven For
  156. I've Got My Foot On
  157. I've Got The Lord And That's Enough
  158. I've Got To Make It On In
  159. I've Never Been This Homesick
  160. I Wanna Know How It Feels
  161. I Want To Stroll Over Heaven
  162. I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You
  163. I Will Be In Heaven
  164. I Will Never Turn Bck
  165. I Will Sing For The Glory Of God
  166. I Wish I Had A Lifeline
  167. I Won't Have To Worry Any More
  168. I Would Not Be Denied
  169. I Wouldn't Miss it, Would You?
  170. I Will Follow Thee
  171. I Will Sing
  172. I Won't Turn Back
  173. I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now
  1. Jesus Be The Lord Of All
  2. Jesus Hold My Hand
  3. Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life
  4. Jesus Is Alive And Well
  5. Jesus is the Sweeetest Name I Know
  6. Jesus Messiah
  7. Jerusalem
  8. Jesus Could Have Come
  9. Jesus Is Coming Soon
  10. Jesus Loves Me
  11. Jesus My Lord And My God
  12. Jesus Is Coming Soon
  13. Jesus Name Above All Names
  14. Jesus Paid It All
  15. Jesus Pilots My Ship
  16. Jesus Said It I Believe It
  17. Jesus - Something About That Name
  18. Jesus Use Me
  19. John The Revelator
  20. Joy Comes in the Morning
  21. Joy's Gonna Come In The Morning
  22. Jesus Built This Church On Love
  23. Jesus Is Right For Whatever's Wrong
  24. Jesus Is The One
  25. Jesus Is Waiting
  26. Jesus Saves
  27. Jesus Signed My Pardon
  28. Jesus Will Be Coming Back
  29. Jesus Will Outshine Them All
  30. John 3:16
  31. Joy
  32. Just Any Day Now
  33. Just Go Tell Jesus On Me
  34. Just In Case Of Rapture
  35. Just Over Yonder
  36. Just Like You
  37. Just A Closer Walk With The
  38. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
  39. Just Any Day Now
  40. Just Because
  41. Just Over in the Glory Land
  42. Just Warmin' Up
  43. Just Want To Tell You I'm Thankful That's All
  1. Lamb Of God
  2. Last Mile of the Way
  3. The Last Move For Me
  4. Lay My Isaac Down
  5. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
  6. Leave A Blessing
  7. Learning To Lean
  8. Leaving It All Behind
  9. Leaving On My Mind
  10. Left Behind
  11. Let Him Have His Way With Thee
  12. Let Me Live Close to Thee Each Day
  13. Let Me Touch Him, Let Me Touch Jesus
  14. Let The World Go By
  15. Let It Fall
  16. Let Me Tell You Who Jesus Is
  17. Let Me Walk You Jesus
  18. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
  19. Let The Worshippers Arise
  20. Let's All Go Down To The River
  21. Let's Just Praise The Lord
  22. Let The Sunshine In
  23. Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad
  24. Lifes' Evening Sun
  25. Lifes' Railway To Heaven
  26. Lift Me Up Above The Shadows
  27. Lift Up Your Hands
  28. Lift Up Your Head, Redemption Draweth Nigh
  29. Life's Railway To Heaven
  30. Light At The River
  31. Lighthouse, The
  32. Lily Of The Valley, The
  33. Listen, Listen, Listen
  34. Little David
  35. Little Is Much
  36. Little Mountain Church
  37. Little White Church
  38. Living By Faith
  39. Living He Loved Me
  40. Lonesome Valley
  41. Look Away from the Cross
  42. Look For Me
  43. Look What The Lord Has Done
  44. Looking For A City
  45. Lord Build Me A Cabin In Glory
  46. Lord I'm Coming Home
  47. Lord Is My Light, The
  48. Lord Don't Move That Mountain
  49. Lord Light A Candle
  50. Lord Put A White Robe
  51. Lord You're Welcome
  52. Love Constraining Me
  53. Lovely Name Of Jesus
  54. Love Lifted Me
  55. Loving God, Loving Each Other
  1. Oasis Of Love
  2. O Happy Day
  3. O Say But I'm Glad I'm Glad
  4. O What A Happy Day
  5. Old Account Settled
  6. Oh Come, Angel Band
  7. Oh How He Love You And Me
  8. Oh I Really Love You
  9. Oh I Want To Walk With Christ
  10. Oh Lord Reach Down To Me
  11. Oh Say But I'm Glad
  12. Oh, What A Saviour
  13. Old Country Church
  14. Old Gospel Ship, The
  15. Old Ship Of Zion
  16. Old Time Christian
  17. Old Time Religion
  18. Old Rugged Cross, The
  19. Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference, The
  20. Ole Buddha
  21. On My Way To Heaven
  22. On The Jericho Road
  23. On The Other Side
  24. On The Road To Emmaus
  25. On The Way Home
  26. One By One
  27. One Day At A Time
  28. One Day Closer
  29. One Day Too Late
  30. One Holy Lamb
  31. One More River to Cross
  32. One More Valley
  33. One Step At A Time
  34. Only Believe
  35. Only Jesus Can Satisfy
  36. Only Real Peace, The
  37. Only One Life
  38. Over And Over
  39. Onward, Christian Soldiers
  40. Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord
  41. Old Brush Arbors
  42. Old Country Church, The
  43. One More Valley
  1. Satan Has No Claim
  2. Satisfied
  3. Satisfied Mind
  4. Saved By Grace
  5. Saved By The Blood
  6. Scars In The Hands Of Jesus, The
  7. Searching
  8. See Those Clouds
  9. Servant Song
  10. Send It On Down
  11. Shelter After The Storm
  12. Sheltered In The Arms of God
  13. Shepherd Of My Valley
  14. Shout
  15. Shout And Shine
  16. Shout To The Lord
  17. Shouting On The Hills
  18. Showers Of Blessings
  19. Silver That Nailed You To The Cross
  20. Sing The Glory Down
  21. Sinner Saved By Grace
  22. Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus
  23. Six Hours On The Cross
  24. Softly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling
  25. Soldier Won The Battle
  26. Someone Like Me
  27. Something Worth Living For
  28. So Unworthy Of The Blood
  29. Somebody Touched Me
  30. Something Good Is About To Happen
  31. Something Better Than Gold
  32. Something Got A Hold Of Me Praise God!
  33. Something Got A Hold Of Me Praise God! 2
  34. Something's Got A Hold
  35. Something Within Me
  36. Sometimes He Calms The Storm
  37. Someone To Care
  38. Soon And Very Soon
  39. Sorry I Never Knew You
  40. Speak To The Moutain
  41. Stand on His Word
  42. Standing On The Solid Rock
  43. Steer Me On
  44. Step Into The Water
  45. Stepping On The Clouds
  46. Stepping Stones
  47. Still Blessed
  48. Still Go Free
  49. Storms Go Away, The
  50. Stroll Over Heaven With You
  51. Striving
  52. Sun's Coming Up, The
  53. Suppertime
  54. Surely We Will Lord
  55. Sweeping Through the Gates
  56. Sweet By And By
  57. Sweet, Holy Spirit
  58. Sweet Hour Of Prayer
  59. Sweeter As The Days
  60. Sweetest Song I Know, The
  61. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Please Note:
  1. Take Me In Your Life Boat
  2. Take My Hand Precious Lord
  3. Take Your Shoes Off Moses
  4. Tattlers Wagon
  5. Take The Name Of Jesus With You
  6. Teach Me Thy Way(s)
  7. Tears Will Never Stain The Streets
  8. Tell Me The Old, Old Story
  9. Ten Thousand Years
  10. Thank You Jesus
  11. Thanks For Loving Me
  12. Thanks to Calvary
  13. Thank God I Am Free
  14. Thank You Lord For Your
  15. That Same Road
  16. That Sounds Like Home
  17. That's Enough
  18. That's What This Altar Is For
  19. That's When I Laid It All Down
  20. That's Just His Way
  21. Them Dry Bones
  22. Then I Met The Master
  23. The Grave Can't Hold Me
  24. There Is A River
  25. The Altar Is For
  26. The Fire Has Never Gone Out
  27. The Lighthouse
  28. The Last Song I Sing
  29. The Longer I Serve Him, The Sweeter He Grows
  30. The Love of Christ Is Constraining Me
  31. The Love Of God
  32. The Lovely Name Of Jesus
  33. The More I Think About It . . .
  34. The Old Country Church
  35. The Old Ship Of Zion
  36. The Old Ship Of Zion II
  37. The Only Real Peace I Have Dear Lord Is In You
  38. The Rock of Ages
  39. The Redeemed Are Coming Home
  40. The Return Of El-Shaddai
  41. The Scars In The Hands Of Jesus
  42. The Sun's Coming Up In the Morning
  43. The Water Way
  44. The Wise Man
  45. The Wrath Of God
  46. Then We'll Be Glad
  47. There Is A Redeemer
  48. There Is A River
  49. There Is A Time
  50. There'll Be Shouting On The Hills Of Glory
  51. There's A Light Guiding Me
  52. There's A Light At The River
  53. There's Just Something About That Name
  54. There's A Song In My Heart
  55. There's A Higher Power
  56. They're Holding Up The Ladder
  57. This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
  58. This Is The Day
  59. This Is Your Season
  60. This Old House
  61. This Train
  62. Through It All
  63. Through The Blood
  64. Through The Fire
  65. They're Holding Up the Ladder
  66. This Rock Will Never Tremble Under You
  67. Today We Call It Heaven
  68. Too Good To Be True
  69. Too Much To Gain To Lose
  70. Time To Praise The Lord
  71. To Me, He's Become Everything
  72. Touching Jesus
  73. Touring That City
  74. Totally Devoted
  75. Trading My Sorrows
  76. Traveling the Highway Home
  77. Treasures Money Can't Buy
  78. Twilight Is Stealing
  79. Two Shoes
  80. Two thousand Years Ago
  81. Troublesome Waters
  82. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  83. Turn Your Radio On
  1. Wait A Little Longer
  2. Wait For An Answer
  3. Waiting For the Flight
  4. Wait'll You See My Brand New Home
  5. Walk Through This World With Me Jesus
  6. Wake Up To Sleep No More
  7. Wake Up In Glory Some Day
  8. Walking The Sea
  9. Walking Up The King's Highway
  10. Walk Through This World With Me Jesus
  11. Wasted Years
  12. Water Way, The
  13. Way Too Close To Turn And Go Back Now
  14. Wayfaring Stranger
  15. We Are so blessed
  16. We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise
  17. We Call On Him
  18. Wedding Invitation
  19. We Shall Overcome
  20. We Give You Glory
  21. We Have A Saviour
  22. We Magnify
  23. We Praise Your Name
  24. We Shall Behold Him
  25. We Shall Rise
  26. We Are so blessed
  27. We Call On Him
  28. Wedding Invitation
  29. We Shall Overcome
  30. We Worship One God
  31. Well It's All Right
  32. Were You There When The Crucified
  33. We're going Over
  34. We'll Soon Be Done
  35. We've Come To Praise Him
  36. We've Got The Power
  37. What A Day That Will Be
  38. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  39. What A Happy Day
  40. What A Lovely Name
  41. What A Meeting
  42. What A Saviour
  43. What A Time Over there
  44. What Calvary Bought
  45. What Heaven Means To Me
  46. What If His People Prayed
  47. What Sins Are You Talking About
  48. What Will It Be When We Get Over Yonder
  49. What Would It Profit
  50. What Would I Do
  51. What Would You Give in Exchange
  52. Whatever It Takes
  53. When God Checks His Record Book Of Life
  54. When God Dips His Love In My Heart
  55. When God Unfolds The Rose
  56. When He Sees Me
  57. When God Ran
  58. When He Reached
  59. When He Was On The Cross
  60. When He Reached Down His
  61. When He Set Me Free
  62. When I Feel the Savior's hand
  63. When I Get To glory I'm Gonna Sing
  64. When I Looked Up And He Looked Down
  65. When It's Lamplighting Time In the Valley
  66. When I Lay My Isaac Down
  67. When I Speak Your Name
  68. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross
  69. When I Inherit My Mansion
  70. When I Get Carried Away
  71. When I Get Up To Heaven
  72. When I Inherit My Mansion
  73. When I Look Back
  74. When I Start My Day With
  75. When I've Traveled My Last Mile
  76. When I Wake Up In gloryLand
  77. When I Wake Up To Sleep No More
  78. When I Walk Up The Streets Of Gold
  79. When My Time Comes To Go
  80. When It All Starts Happening
  81. When the Morning Comes
  82. When the Pale Horse And His Rider Goes By
  83. When the Spirit Comes Down
  84. When We Get Inside
  85. When We Make It To the other Side
  86. When That Great Trumpet
  87. When I Think About The Lord
  88. When Time And Eternity
  89. When They Ring Those Golden Bells
  90. When the Roll Is Called
  91. When We All Get to Heaven
  92. Where Could I Go But To The Lord?
  93. Where No One Stands Alone
  94. Where Grief Cannot Come
  95. Where There Will Be No Setting Sun
  96. Where Will You Be?
  97. Whispering Hope
  98. Who Am I?
  99. Who Is Like Unto Thee?
  100. Why Me Lord?
  101. Why Worry
  102. Will The Circle Be Unbroken?
  103. Will the Roses bloom In Heaven
  104. Will You Be Ready To Go Home
  105. Will You Give Me My Flowers?
  106. Will There Be Any Stars
  107. Wings Of A Dove
  108. Wise Man, The
  109. Without Jesus, Where Would I Be?
  110. Without Jesus
  111. Without Him
  112. With You As My Shepherd
  113. Wonderful Time Up There
  114. Won't Have to Worry
  115. The World Didn't Give It To Me
  116. Why I Sing
  117. When God Checks His Record Book Of Life
  118. When He Sees Me
  119. When He Was On the Cross
  120. When I Get To glory I'm Gonna Sing
  121. When He Reached
  122. When I Looked Up And He Looked Down
  123. When It's Lamplighting Time In the Valley
  124. When I've Traveled My Last Mile
  125. When I Wake Up In gloryLand
  126. When I Wake Up To Sleep No More
  127. When My Time Comes To Go
  128. When the Morning Comes
  129. When the Pale Horse And His Rider Goes By
  130. When the Spirit Comes Down
  131. When We Get Inside
  132. When We Make It To the other Side
  133. Where Grief Cannot Come
  134. Where there Will Be No Setting Sun
  135. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  136. Will the Roses bloom In Heaven
  137. Will You Be Ready To Go Home
  138. Will You Give Me My Flowers?
  139. Without Jesus, Where Would I Be?
  140. With You As My Shepherd

 Please Note:
1.  On songs such as "The Dove," the prefix, "The" is listed afterwards.  Example: "Dove, The"
2.  Clicking the fancy letter of each listing will return you to the alphabetical list at top of page.

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