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  1. Daddy I Miss You
  2. Daddys' Hands
  3. Dance In Advance
  4. Dance In The Holy Ghost
  5. Dancing In Heaven
  6. Daniel Prayed
  7. Dare To Be A Daniel
  8. Darkenss Before The Night
  9. Dawn Is Sprinkling In The East
  10. Dawning Of The Day
  11. Day By Day
  12. Day Draws On With Golden Light
  13. Day Is Dying
  14. Day Is Gently Sinking To A Close
  15. Day Is Past And Gone
  16. Day Of God Thou Blessèd Day
  17. Day Of Resurrection
  18. Days And Moments Quickly Flying
  19. Days Of Elijah
  20. Daystar Shine Down On Me
  21. De Animals A Comin
  22. Dear Christian People
  23. Dear Little Stranger
  24. Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind
  25. Dear Master In Thy Way
  26. Death And Resurrection
  27. Death Hath No Terrors
  28. Death Is Only A Dream
  29. Decision
  30. Deep River
  31. Deeper 2
  32. Deeper And Deeper
  33. Deeper Deeper
  34. Deeper In Love
  35. Deeper Yet I Pray
  36. Deeper
  37. Dem Bones
  38. Denmark
  39. Depth Of Mercy
  40. Desert Song
  41. Designed By A King
  42. Desolation Of Sodom
  43. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
  44. Did You Think To Pray
  45. Didn't It Rain
  46. Ding Dong Merrily On High
  47. Dinner At Grandma's
  48. Divine Exchange
  49. Divine Romance
  50. Do All The Good You Can
  51. Do It Again
  52. Do No Sinful Action
  53. Do Something For Jesus
  54. Do You Know How It Feels
  55. Do You Know How Many Stars
  56. Do You Know That You've Been Born Again
  57. Do You Remember The Time
  58. Does Jesus Care
  59. Don't Be Weary Traveller
  60. Don't Ever Look Back
  61. Don't Fail To Go Through
  62. Don't Go Home Tonight Unsaved
  63. Don't Let Me Stray
  64. Don't Lift The Anchor
  65. Don't Lose Your Vision Of Jesus
  66. Don't Put Off Until Tomorrow
  67. Don't Take My Burden Or My Cross Away
  68. Don't Take My Cross Away
  69. Don't Talk Em Up From The Altar
  70. Don't Weaken The Wheel
  71. Don't You Doubt
  72. Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan
  73. Done Made My Vow To The Lord
  74. Dost Thou In A Manger Lie
  75. Down At The Cross
  76. Down By The Creek Bank
  77. Down By The River To Pray
  78. Down By The Riverside
  79. Down From His Glory
  80. Down From The Worlds Of Radiant Light
  81. Down In My Heart
  82. Down On My Knees
  83. Down To The River To Pray
  84. Down To The Sacred Wave
  85. Down
  86. Doxology
  87. Draw Me Close To You
  88. Draw Me Nearer
  89. Draw Nigh And Take The Body Of The Lord
  90. Draw Nigh To God
  91. Draw Nigh To Thy Jerusalem
  92. Draw Nigh
  93. Drifting To Far From The Shore
  94. Drinking From My Saucer
  95. Dropkick Me Jesus
  96. Drunken Driver
  97. Dry Bones
  98. Dust On The Altar
  99. Dust On The Bible
  100. Dust To Dust The Mortal Dies
  101. Dust To Dust
  102. Dusty Road
  103. Dusty Roads
  104. Dwelling In Beulah Land
  105. Dwelling Places
  106. Dying To Reach You
  107. Dying With Jesus
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