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  1. Lamb Of God
  2. Last Altar Call
  3. Last Chance To Pray
  4. Last Mile Of The Way
  5. Last Night My Lads
  6. Lay Your Burdens At The Feet Of Jesus
  7. Lead Me Gently Home Father
  8. Lead Me Higher
  9. Lead Me Lord
  10. Lead Me Through The Night
  11. Leaning On The Arms Of Jesus
  12. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
  13. Learning Of My Savior
  14. Learning To Lean
  15. Leave A Blessing
  16. Leave A Lot Of Happy Tracks
  17. Leave It There
  18. Leave Your Fishing Nets Drying O The Shore
  19. Leaving It All Behind
  20. Leaving On My Mind
  21. Led By The Master's Hand
  22. Left Behind
  23. Lend A Hand
  24. Let's All Go Down To The River
  25. Let's Get Together
  26. Let's Go Take This City
  27. Let's Just Praise The Lord
  28. Let's Meet By The River
  29. Let Creation Sing
  30. Let Everything That Hath Breath
  31. Let Him Have His Way With Thee
  32. Let Him In
  33. Let It Fall On Me
  34. Let Me Be A Sacrifice
  35. Let Me Feel Your Spirit Once Again
  36. Let Me Live Close To Thee
  37. Let Me Talk To You Jesus
  38. Let Me Tell You Who Jesus Is
  39. Let Me Touch Him
  40. Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side
  41. Let Me Walk With You Jesus
  42. Let Me Walk You Jesus
  43. Let My People Go
  44. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
  45. Let The Fire Fall On Me
  46. Let The Holy Ghost Come In
  47. Let The Little One Sleep
  48. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
  49. Let The Peace Of God Reig
  50. Let The Peace Of God Reign
  51. Let The Sunshine In 2
  52. Let The Sunshine In
  53. Let The World Go By
  54. Let The Worshippers Arise
  55. Let You Hold My Hand
  56. Let Your Glory Fall
  57. Life's Evening Sun
  58. Life's Railway To Heaven
  59. Life's Railway
  60. Life Love And Other Mysteries
  61. Lift Me Up Above The Shadows
  62. Lift Up Your Hands 01
  63. Lift Up Your Hands 02
  64. Lift Up Your Head Redemption Draweth Nigh
  65. Lift Up Your Heads
  66. Lift Your Praises To The Lord
  67. Light At The River
  68. Light Of The World
  69. Lighthouse
  70. Like A Shepherd
  71. Like Eagles
  72. Lil' Silver Cross
  73. Lily Of The Valley
  74. Listen Listen Listen
  75. Listen To The Angels Singing
  76. Little Bitty Mustard Seed
  77. Little David
  78. Little Is Much When God Is In It
  79. Little Mountain Church
  80. Little White Church
  81. Live To Worship
  82. Live What I Believe
  83. Living By Faith
  84. Living He Loved Me
  85. Living In Love With The Lord
  86. Living In The Name Of Love
  87. Living Water
  88. Lonesome Valley
  89. Long Ago
  90. Long As I Got King Jesus
  91. Long Black Train
  92. Longing For Home
  93. Longing For Jesus
  94. Look At His Latest Miracle
  95. Look Away From The Cross
  96. Look For Me 2
  97. Look For Me I'll Be There
  98. Look For Me
  99. Look What I'm Trading For A Mansion
  100. Look What The Lord Has Done
  101. Look Where He Brought Me From
  102. Looking For A Better Day
  103. Looking For A City
  104. Lord Build Me A Cabin In Glory
  105. Lord Don't Move That Mountain
  106. Lord Feed Your Children
  107. Lord Have Mercy
  108. Lord I'm Coming Home 2
  109. Lord I'm Coming Home
  110. Lord I'm Gonna Love You
  111. Lord I Give You My Heart
  112. Lord I Lift Your Name On High
  113. Lord I Thank You
  114. Lord I Want To Do What You'd Want Me To Do
  115. Lord Im Coming Home
  116. Lord Is My Light
  117. Lord It's Just Another Hill
  118. Lord Lift Me Up
  119. Lord Light A Candle
  120. Lord Make Me An Instrument
  121. Lord Of All Hopefulness
  122. Lord Of All
  123. Lord Of The Dance
  124. Lord Put A White Robe
  125. Lord Reign In Me
  126. Lord Send A Refuge
  127. Lord Send The Rain
  128. Lord Show Me Your Hands
  129. Lord To Sing About You
  130. Lord We've Come To Worship
  131. Lord We Lift You Up
  132. Lord We Thank You
  133. Lord We Welcome You
  134. Lord You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
  135. Lord You're Welcome
  136. Lord You Are Good
  137. Lord You Are More Precious
  138. Lord Your Ability
  139. Lord Your Goodness
  140. Lost For Words With All To Say
  141. Love Constraining Me
  142. Love Divine All Loves Excelling
  143. Love In My Heart
  144. Love Letters
  145. Love Lifted Me Lyrics
  146. Love Lifted Me
  147. Love Like No Other
  148. Love Takes Time
  149. Love You So Much
  150. Lover Of My Soul
  151. Loves You
  152. Loving God Loving Each Other
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