Be Faithful

Well Noah was a righteous man living in a land of sin
But he obeyed God's command
And nobody around would ever listen to him
So God sent a mighty flood oh how it rained and stormed
But because of Noahs' great faith in God
His family didn't come to any harm.

Well God was testing Abraham
By asking him to sacrifice his son
Don't you know Abe never questioned him
He just saddled up his donkey and was gone, gone, gone
The wood was layed upon the alter the knife was raised in his hand
But then he heard a voice of an angel who said
Behold behind you is a ram

Oh be faithful in the little things
Be faithful in the small
Be faithful in the little things
And He will make you ruler over all

Be faithful and He will make you ruler over all.

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Be Faithful