Bellville Georgia

I'll tell you all a story that I think you'll understand
Travelin' thru Georgia ramblin' across the land
I passed the Bellville depot and something said to me
Stop here son there's something you should see

I stopped a while and rested on the depot steps
The tall pines wavin' in the breeze the air was clear and fresh
That Georgia winter sunshine was warmin'up my back
And I saw the train comin' down the track

God came thru Bellville Georgia
He was ridin' on the noon-day train
It's all power to Him and praise His holy name
He never got off of the train
He never got off of the train.

I've never had a day like that since I have been alive
My body full of feelin' there was vision in my eyes
I've traveled this world over just to meet that certain train
And I knew my life will never be the same

Well I don't know where He's goin' but I know He likes to ride
Across the hills and valleys through the prairies thru the skies
And I know the time is comin' if the world don't ever change
Everybody's got to meet that train

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Bellville Georgia