But For The Blood

I had no one to blame, how I long to hide my face,
I was so ashamed of all the wrong I'd done, and I knew I had to face,
I was bound to face hells flame, I'd be there today,
my friend but for the blood

But for the blood, shed on Calavary's tree,
but for the blood there would be no hope for you and me,
For all my rightousness is as filthy rags and that's all I'll ever be,
but for the blood that cleansed and set me free.

Even now I get so low, you know the devil lets me know,
I'm so unworthy, unworthy of Gods love,
And oh yes I know it's true, but here I am with the Chorussen few,
I'll stand today, for I'm saved just by His blood.

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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But For The Blood