Keep Me 2

Author: Morgan, Reuben

Artist: Morgan, Reuben

While I Am Here
I Hold You In My Heart
And Never Let Go
Of The Dreams That We Have

And I'll Sing Your Song
While We're Apart
Cause I Know Someday
I'll Be There In Your Arms
Keep Me
Keep Me

No Matter Where I Am
No Matter Where I Go
I Know That I'll Never Be Too Far
To Call Your Name
And If I Grow Weak
Still Your Love Never Fails

Be With Me Now
While I Am Here
Til I See Your Face
On That Beautiful Day
Angels Are Near
Guiding My Feet
As I Walk On This Road
To The Place Where We Meet
Keep Me
Keep Me

And The Seasons Come And Go
But You Stay The Same
And The Promise Still Remains
I Am Yours

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Keep Me 2