Keep On Walking

Are you weary in well-doing, walking on the road to New Jeruselem?
Are you hoping and a-praying, looking any minute for the Lord to come?
And do you see a lot of pleasant-looking places where you might lay down to take a rest?
And if you do, take a look at all the faces there, the sadness will tell you that it's best

To keep on walkin', you don't know how far you've come.
Keep on walkin' for all you know it may be done.
And the Father might be standing up right now to give the call and end it all,
So, keep on walkin'

Now if you need a feelin' to keep you on the road you started travelin' on,
You're gonna have some trouble learning that it's faith that keeps you movin' on.
And in the Lord you start your walk from sitting, but sometimes you have to take a step
And standin's not another word for quitting, it's jut takin' a tighter hold of His hand.

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Keep On Walking