King And A Beggar

A King met a beggar, on lonely road one day,
a strange occurance took place as you will see.
The beggar fell down on his knees and cried oh pardon me.
I feel unworhy in thy presence to be.

But the King looked at the beggar, and He said you've been set free.
Your sins are all forgiven, and now you're born into royalty.
And so the King and the beggar, walked off arm in arm you see.
That King was Jesus, the King of kings, and that lowly beggar was me.

He Who was rich, became so poor that a beggar rich might be.
The holy God, became the Son of man.
That we the fallen sons of men, the sons of God might be.
I can't explain it, God's wondrous saving plan.

I never dreamed there was a pow'r that could save a wretch like me
Until that day, the King passed by my way
He placed His arms around me, and He said I'll be your guide
That guide is Jesus, the King of kings, He now walks by my side

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King And A Beggar