Leaving On My Mind

This old house I'm living in it sure needs some repair;
The windows and the shutters are letting in the cold, cold air.
I say to myself, I'm gonna fix them if I can find the time;
But all I've been getting lately is leaving on my mind.

Lately all I've got is leaving on my mind;
It seems that's all I think about most of the time;
And soon and very soon I'll leave these troubles far behind;
Lately I've got leaving, leaving on my mind.

So I guess I should be looking for a better place to live;
But I can't seem to get excited about this world and what it can give;
I couldn't care less if I could buy it all with one solitary dime.
For what good would this old world do me with leaving on my mind?

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Leaving On My Mind