Little White Church

There's a little white church in the valley that stands in my memory today.
It seems I can hear the bells now ringing tho' I'm many miles away.
And many times in church on Sunday morning that whole countryside would gather there.
They would all kneel down by the altar as they lifted up their voice in prayer.

Oh, that church in the valley, that little white church is a place that I love so well.
Now I'm sad and lonely, yes, I'm sad and lonely for that little white church in the dell.

They would sing the old song, "Rock of Ages". Christ led me high indeed.
And I know some of them are now waiting just o'er that dark and stormy sea.
I know their troubles have all ended and happy forever they shall be.
They are waiting and watching up yonder for the coming of you and me.

Whenever I cross over the river, the face of my Savior I will see.
And I hope some of them will be singing, "Nearer my God to Thee."
And when I enter that bright city in splendor forever there to dwell,
I know the faces there will be many from that little white church down in the

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Little White Church