Rescue Ship


Just like a ship I set out to sea
with no one to guide along
Drifting along without direction
as the waves grew fearful and strong
I wanted to show the world I could conquer
the waves of life on my own
But I soon found out I just couldn't do it
I'd never make it alone

There's a rescue ship from the king's harbor shore
you better get on board today
It's the greatest ship that ever sailed
this ship's the only way
To rescue you from your stormtossed life
when You just can't take anymore
Jesus is the captain on the rescue ship
that sails from the king's harbor shore

My ship it wrecked in the midst of the ocean
I couldn't swim back to shore
Ruinded and battered by the storms of life
till it couldn't take any more
I cried master please rescue me
from drowning in this sea
I need You to guide me from the storms hide me
from all my troubles set free

Then into my view I saw a great ship
it was sailing upon the dark waves
It seemed so steady and so strong
as it swiftly came my way
With it's search lights shining so powerful and bright
it found me there just in time
And I knew it was sent from the king's harbor shore
this poor lost sinner to find.

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Rescue Ship