Rise Again

Go ahead drive the nails in my hands,
and let that be where you stand.
Go ahead and say it isn't me,
but very soon you will see.

Cause I'll rise again,
Ain't no power on earth can tie me down.
Cause I'll rise again,
Death can't keep me in the ground.

Go ahead and mock my name,
my love for you is still the same.
Go ahead and bury me,
but very soon I will be free.

Go ahead say I'm dead and gone,
but you will see you were wrong.
Go ahead and try to hid the sun,
but you will see that I'm the one.

Chorus 2.
Cause I'll come again,
ain't no power on earth can tie me down.
Yes I'll come again,
Come to take my people back.

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Rise Again