Running My Last Mile Home

Hear I stand at the crossing of the river,
well I've live a lifetime for this day alone.
Well I just saw the light and I'm getting a little bit anxious.
Well I started out a walking.
but I'm running my last mile home.

Well I've met with many a crossroads on my journey
but never once has my God let me rome.
Well the deserts and the valley's lie behind me
Well the road is straight,
and I'm running my last mile home.

Now Heaven's claim so many smiling faces.
till I don't feel at home here anymore.
well I just heard sounds of old familiar voices
They're singing a new song I've never heard before.

Ring the bells, blow the horn, shout hallelujah,
Jordan roll on back and let me through,
Angels take me to the thrown.
David play you're prettiest music
For a weary pilgrim a running my last mile home.

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Running My Last Mile Home