Unfinished Task

Unfinished Task

If I carry the gospel to the lost near and far
I won't stand empty handed at God's judgement bar.
but I dare not relax until I've done all He ask
lest I should leave behind an unfinished task.

If I have wronged a brother if I have wounded a friend
give me strength precious Savior to make amends.
and when I come to change my worlds and reach glory at last
then I won't leave behind an unfinished task.

When I come to the crossing I'll be leaving behind
all my earthly possessions but this I won't mind.
it would make my heart glad when I leave all I've had
if I don't leave behind and unfinished task.

Oh you have run the race you have kept the faith
these words I long to Hear my Savior say.
and when my life on earth is past
there's just one thing dear Lord I ask
don't let me leave behind and unfinished task.

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Unfinished Task