Until Then

Circa: 1988

Artist: Charles Johnson & The Revivers

It's so amazing, time is getting shorter,
anyone can tell this world just can not stand.
For the things God created in their stead,
are now being destroyed by mortal man/

Until then I'll lift the name of Jesus,
until then I'll lead His lost sheep to the fold.
I'll tell the world He still saves and He still heals,
and you still can find refuge for your soul.

But God is gonna raise Him up a nation,
who will delight in Him and do His perfect will.
My friend I feel the time is drawing nearer,
When we shall see our Saviour as He is.

Any day I'm gonna move to my new mansion,
it's custom build by Jesus Christ the King of kings.
and when we gather around the throne with my Saviour,
we'll sing the song the angel cannot sing.

Hear Charles Johnson & The Revivers sing:

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Until Then