Upheld By Hope

"Upheld by hope"- a glorious hope
As days and years roll by;
The coming of our Lord and King
Is surely drawing nigh.

"Upheld by hope" all toil is sweet
With this glad thought in view,
The Master may appear tonight
To call His servants true.

"Upheld by hope" - that wondrous hope,
That I shall see His face,
And to His likeness be conformed
When I have run the race.

"Upheld by hope," in darkest days
Faith can the light descry:
The deepening glory in the East
Proclaims deliverance nigh!

"Upheld by hope," "Belovèd one,"
I hear the Bridegroom say,
"Awake! arise! go forth to meet
My chariot on its way."

"Upheld by hope," how glad the heart!
My soul is on the wing!
E'en now His hand is on the door
He comes—my glorious King!

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May she ever fly in Freedom!!

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Upheld By Hope