I've Come Too Far To Look Back


Look around, there's no happiness.
Some see no reason for living.
Life can give you a broken dream.
Full of sorrow and care.
Turn around, don't look back again.
Face the new day before you.
Place your heartache in Jesus' hand.
He can mend broken dreams.



I've come too far to look back.
My feet have walked through the valley.
I've climbed mountains, crossed rivers.
Desert places I've known.
But I'm nearing the home shore.
The redeemed are rejoicing.
Heaven's angels are singing.
I've come too far to look back.



I've come too far to look back again.
There is nothing behind me.
All the treasures I used to love.
Have all faded from view.
There's a new day ahead for me.
All my heartache is over.
For I left it at Calvary.
Where my new life began.


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