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Viet Nam
                     A Tribute to all who served . . .

      Thanks to all who served . . .

We salute you Veteran!

This page was created in a meager attempt at showing honor, saying thanks and Welcome Home, to all who served.  If you have a related article you'd like to add please use the button below.  It just seems so inadequate of our appreciation of those who served in that police action.

Thank You Veteran!
Thank You Veteran!
Thank You Veteran!
Thank You Veteran!

A while back I read of a Vietnam Veteran who bet one of his 'Nam' buddies who served with him in the 'Cav,' that there was tremendous support for Kerry and Hanoi Jane among the Vietnam Vets . . . .

"That is total B.S.!!" responded his pal then added "prove it"

The prankster held out his hand for a shake and said "betcha $20."

"The bet is ON!" his buddy yelled.

"OK.  I'll send you a picture!"

The second guy wondered why he yelling and remembered his hate for Kerry, Fonda and McCain.

And sure enough, the proof was in the picture . . . . .

Vietnam Veterans who love John Kerry and Hanoi Jane Fonda . . .

That was easy money!  But it was a sucker bet and of course gave the money back.

But the thought of anyone honoring Hanoi Jane Fonda, John Hanoi Kerry, or John Songbird McCain is more than any America-respecting veteran can stomach.  Them's fightin' words!

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