IG.  Now I know why they call this hideout PIG.  I would name it Pig Sty, which would be more appropriate!" thought Beau.

They'd gotten wind of a moslem hideout somewhere in sight of the Colorado plateau in upper Arizona.  The anonymous source had spoken of a group of moslem elites, the leader being no less than a direct descendent of King Abdul-Aziz, the first King of Saudi Arabia.  The kings family had been a power in central Arabia for the previous 130 years.


Raised under the influence and inspiration of Wahhabi Islam, the strictest of all the moslem sects, the Wahhabi Movement was a part of the Indian Freedom Struggle as it offered a serious threat to British supremacy in India in the 19th century.  Its destruction came by an Ottoman army in the Ottoman—Wahhabi War in the early nineteenth century

Firoz Ahmed, the lowest of the lows in the house of King Abdul-Aziz was little more than a pauper in the kings sight and had little chance of becoming a real man to the fullest of his capabilities.  Quite educated according to the standards of the Saudi schools, he ached for the chance to prove himself to Mohammed.

When the prospect came for a chance to recruit and train in America, he grabbed for it and was assigned the post (as we would say in America), or "Training Camp as described by the Saudis.

Awaiting the flight that would take him to his new post as commander of PIG, he nearly retched when told of his assignment.  In the briefcase he would find passport, money, flight tickets, instruction syllabus, Koran, and various maps, co-ordinates and other sensitive information.

But why was he sentenced to serve in a insultous place called Political Infidel Graves.  When the senior officer told him the full name of the training camp, he rejoiced to serve in a place where many had been murdered and 'buried' moslem style.

General Randolph had been informed of the location by a confidante who had been there as a spy for the Fightin' 9's.  There had been an "Official Government Investigation" but under the current "presidential administration" the report returned as "Inconsequential: Of No Political or Military Importance."

But "The Bailiff," the code name (by General Randolph), for the CIA agent, an inside man reported the facts to one General Sherman Randolph.  The General was a good, honest and moral man who gave his whole life working toward the keeping of America safe.

The Bailiff saw firsthand what happened to the underachievers of the Clinton Foundation Dynasty, political prisoners who needed to 'go away,' and other undesirables which were sent there under bond by the National Security Association created by then President George Bush Jr.  The NSA was created after the 9/11 fiasco, (sometimes referred to as the "New Pearl Harbor") did little to secure America, but granted cart blanche to the moslems.

The Bailiff watched as a personal friend was beheaded along with several others by the exploding necklace.  This was merely detonation cord wrapped around the necks of several prisoners at a time and detonated.  Death is instantaneous as the head is not only dismembered but it literally disappears.

He had also seen what happens to "special" enemies.  While it was time consuming, they would dig a hole big enough to put a person on their knees with just their heads protruding and simply left to die.  Death was known to take four days in the extreme heat, but the suffering was indescribable.

Execution by Exploding Necklace

Knowing that if only the slightest hint of his disloyalty to the liberal "Government Overthrow Group" were ever discovered, he would suffer the same fate as some of these.  Even so, he wanted desperately to come back, find and give his friend a decent burial.  But that could lead to discovery and his own life being taken; and not only that, but the lives of others he had been seen in the company of as well as those of his own family.

However strange it may seem, his own demise wasn't as important now.  Not nearly as important as the lives of countless others who would die at the hands of these moslem monsters.

He had to get word to someone with the means of taking care of this problem.  In the back of his mind his memory was toying the with idea of a man he'd met only briefly.  A General who'd been recently fired by the obama Administration after being discredited and openly castigated.  His crime?  He refused to blindly follow obama and his murderous ways in the killing of America.

The president wannabe, obama, had no idea as to the response that would dog and entangle him from that moment on.  The Bailiff had watched this man dishonored in front of the whole world and wondered how he was able to restrain himself from physically choking the life from him (obama) with his bare hands.  Then the thought plied his mind, "that's what integrity is all about."  This General would beat him all right, but he would do it by recourse of the law.

The Bailiff, knew Firoz Ahmed personally.  Knew his background, his training, his mission and, he knew the viciousness of the mans entire makeup.  More animal than human, a monster of rabid inclinations to whom life meant nothing.  Even his own.  But one thing the dog would reel from is pork.  Swine, pig.  Anything that smacked of pork would cause him to retch.

Much to his distress, he was known among his peers and subordinates as the PIG King.  He was always quick to inform anyone that might not know his background, that he was a descendant of royalty.  So the King part he used to his full advantage and the PIG thing didn't bother him too much after he learned the full meaning of the antonym PIG.  Since the killing of infidels was involved, he was more receptive.

But one would be very wise to make sure there was no hint of sarcasm, smirk or anything resembling laughter on their face when they called him King.  And that's what he became called by.  "King."  Or sometimes Boss, but mostly King.

In making light of the "King," one guy jokingly called him Boss Hogg.  Within the hour the man, although full blooded moslem and one of the generals in the training camp lost his head.  Literally.  By the exploding necklace.  They didn't even waste one of the famed orange jumpsuits given most prisoners.

Firoz' reputation grew in the underworld.  His camp was well provided for and rumor had it that even the president fag queen of the United States along with his transgendered "wife" had met him on more than one occasion.  One of the guards even reported a visit to the White House.  But the one thing that was certain and set in stone was the simple fact that the PIG King was vicious and would die in his attempt to bring America under Sharia law; Wahhabi Islam.

With his face not known, as he was very seldom seen outside of his quarters and only then covered with a black mask, how would someone go about fingering him to the law?  There had to be a way to point him out.  And now, using the information supplied by The Bailiff, the Generals' group, as well as several LMAs' were being airlifted to within five miles of his headquarters and would be in place before dawn.  The PIG King's moments on this earth were numbered.

Beau and his group had been the first to arrive on location from their drop point.  Ginger had come in high and quiet in a shallow glide to get into place and drop her men off behind the closest mountain to the camp.  She would come dangerously close to a crash for letting the craft glide so long with props feathered and idling to quieten the big bird and prevent alerting the PIG King or his allies.  But she took the chance to give the men the very highest possibilities of success.

As Beau and his men spread out along the edge of the makeshift runway, he could hear the raucous laughter as the men toyed and played with their captive females.  Did they never sleep?  This would be their last night on earth as man after man had their way with them.  The shrill screams could be heard as they were beaten, or slashed and left to bleed out, or just plain shot.

The women of this last captive group would die this night victims to the sadistic view of the rabid islamic dogs.  But the men would die while being videoed the following afternoon to be used in propaganda.  The King had no use of captives or "Dhimmis" so he merely took prisoners for the convenience of keeping his militants happy and have something on which to practice killing.

The stench of the place was horrendous.  Smoke, reminiscent of burning trash heaps mingled with the stench of dead bodies rotting on the ground of the killing field.  It attacked the nostrils causing one to retch.  There were no dogs as the moslems hated them, but there were a few feral pigs rooting the last tasty morsels of rotted human flesh from the trash heaps.  Beau had termed the place the Pig Sty.  Ironic since the name of the compound was called PIG.

Precisely at 5:21 on the dot the attack on the compound was to ensue.  Rules of engagement were anyone not in the lockup were to be shot on sight.  Prisoners were to eventually be set free after vetting.  A distinct chirp representing each group was heard through headphones of all leaders as each checked in confirming they were in place.  This was well in advance of the attack time and only one of the groups had not confirmed "in position."

Suddenly, an explosion rocked the stillness of the dark Arizona desert morning as floating altitude flares began exploding lighting the area almost as if it were day.  The light they gave off was quite bright and gave the whole area a rose color.  That was termed the red 'daze.'  Machine guns began plowing the earth all around the attacking group.  Some would go down never move again.  With no decision needed to be made as to respond, Beaus men started firing as they engaged the fight with a fury.

The group which had not checked in had been discovered and an alert had been sent out to the keepers of the sty.  There was so much confusion it was hard to tell when the bad guys stopped firing.  There was no doubt some had been forced mercenaries who turned on the moslems from inside.  The heat of battle lasted for only a few minutes, then the last defenders threw down their weapons raising their arms high over their head.

These last defenders were cordoned off to a different area than those inside the walls of the temporary prison.  Quickly they were herded into a corner of the compound and ordered to strip with several men guarding them while others cleared each building.  As the clothes were cleared for ID papers, weapons and transmitter bugs, they were returned to the group who sorted through them in the attempt to pick out their clothes.

But they could not find the King.  One by one the moslem prisoners were questioned as to his whereabouts but only one responded with "he's here."  It was Beau whose group was chosen by lot to exterminate the moslems.  He made sure the translator let them know the ammunition was dipped in bacon grease.

One puzzle with which they were presented was several men carried papers with Mexican names, but who had the features of the moslem.  Neither could they speak Spanish.  There was no doubt they'd come over via obamas freeway of open borders.  They would be terminated . . .

One of the 72 virgins of moslem paradise
One of the moslem 72 virgins of Paradise
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