esse stood in the little cove between the water heater cabinet and where the add-on living room of the little house jutted out from the east side of the house.

It was quite dark but enough moonlight filtered through to allow one to see easily the group coming down the street.  He was pretty sure this was the same group of UN mercs that had just came from across town where they'd performed the confiscation of firearms as a 'safety precaution of a mostly patriotic 'cult' neighborhood of middle-class American citizens.

While they had come quite noiseless up the street, several dogs had set to barking.  A few lights up and down the street had come on, the drapes of two houses had been pulled aside to give the looker a quick glance to check on things.  With the rooms being lit up on the inside, there was no way a person could see out.

People all over the US who'd managed to stay in their homes, managing to protect themselves to this point in the tear down of America, were about to feel the effects of The Storm which was coming quickly to neighborhoods all across the land.

There were UN boots on American soil; people (more like thugs . . . ) from the United Nations - troops - actually mercs (mercenaries) working for who paid the most.  Claiming diplomatic immunity most of these mercenary thugs were on a crime rampage with impunity (exemption from punishment or loss).

Most of these mercs, (male and female) had been psyched up against the 'dangerous and cult like people who had firearms and couldn't be trusted.  Shoot first and ask questions later.

But this didn't set well with the Americans who'd been pushed beyond the breaking point - would shoot at the least amount of provocation.  It was a nasty shooting world just waiting to happen.

Both the Americans and the UN mercs were running around with clenched fists.  And no man can think clearly with fists clenched.  So to say that people were on edge would be a vast understatement.

The group coming up the street were troops who'd been dumped onto American soil by the rogue democratic government under the leadership of the top moslem himself, barack obama had no patriotic emotions to America - his sympathy lay to his moslem roots only.  Them that wore the blue hats were simply being paid to do a job; take out these so called 'over patriotic holdouts' which were preventing his moslem thugs the complete take over of America.

Those 'over-patriotic holdouts,' Americans - who'd hung on to their firearms, and thus protecting their property and their way of life solely by sheer determination and self sustenance were referred to as cults.  They were referred to as over religious, over zealous fanatic 'Bible thumping low lifes who thought they were better than everyone else and they had to be eliminated.

the Georgia Guidestones

The thinning down of America was a goal, and it was in keeping with the goals literally carved in stone on what was called "the Georgia Guidestones."  Some referred to it as "The American Stonehenge."

This edifice stands on one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia.  It consists of four giant stones that support the common capstone standing out starkly against the Georgia Sky.  A huge granite monument on which are engraved in eight different languages the 10 Guides, or commandments.

Though relatively unknown to most people, it stands in grave warning of the intentions of the New World Order.  A very important link to the Occult Hierarchy that dominates the world in which we live.  Take a read of what's inscribed there:


1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature.

In America there were literally thousands of neighborhoods clinging determinedly to the 2nd Amendment, and through those teeth had prevented the local thuggery of destroying them: taking their lives, their livelihoods, their real estate . . .

So these holdouts had to be brought down!  To rid themselves of this common threat to the takeover, the head pig moslem had simply turned loose his hounds of hell to go in and physically wrest the firearms remaining in these strongholds.  Thousands and already been taken.

Jesse had already alerted William who'd organized a group of men to come to his aid.  William wanted to surround these groups and destroy them.  Taking prisoners was not an option.  Simply letting them go was not an option.  There's only one way you can stop a rabid animal: kill it.

And that's exactly what these troops coming up the street were.  Rabid animals.  Thugs who were not concerned with such sticky things as peace, law, and order.  They cared nothing about safety, life or limb.  They were merely machines without heart, without hope, without love . . . and they had a job to do and were good at it and did it without mercy.

Jesse was very quietly watching how the group were being organized in the middle of the street where they had paused to assemble in the middle of the block.  Two men were to approach the front door of each home, another two would approach the rear.  They would all strike at the same moment, the signal was to be one shot.

They were to place themselves on either side of the door and at the signal, all were to rush in having the advantage of complete surprise.  Once inside one person was to hold the group at gunpoint while the others seized all the firearms.  If one was holding a firearm, they were to be shot.

Jesse could hear each check in as they announced they understood.  The radio he carried was a scanner and had quickly locked on to their wave-length so he listened to every word.

He knew as well as the thugs that phone service was down as well as the electrical service.  Cell phones were useless, as well as the internet.  The only hope of outside communications was by shortwave or ham radio.  Another media of communication which was quite popular however easily monitored were the CB (citizens band) radios.  They were fairly weak so were not considered a threat to the failed government.

But thousands of people had them.  The problem with CB radios was their signal was easily intercepted by signal jammers.  Also, chatter on them could be monitored allowing the enemy valuable information - the first being easily pinpointed.

The problem with all the counter measures taken by the UN troops currently setting up this very moment was learning the chain of command.  Who were the leaders?  Did they have an emergency broadcast system which would alert all the radios in the group?

That was the reason for such secrecy and silent movement of the group in the street.  If there was anyway possible to take all these houses simultaneously and prevent an alert to other defenders, they would use it.  But that seldom happened simply because each house had multiple families living there and someone was always on watch.

The Americans were a fierce patriotic lot; well armed, and smart!  The battle for removal of firearms was going very badly for the government.  Scenes as was unfolding right in front of Jesses' eyes right this minute were happening all over the US.  And unless the UN could effect total surprise, they had little luck.  They were simply being shot to rags, and it was having a fearsome effect on the mercs (mercenaries).

Because of this fear each house looked formidable.  Few were unarmed or stupid enough to peer out from a backlit room.  Those were the easy or dumb ones.  Their stupidity was broadcast to anyone who happened to be looking when they did this ignorant trick.  Those would be the houses saved for last, usually extremely easy to enter, disarm (if they had any which wasn't likely), and to wreak havoc upon the owner/s.

Most of the time the men would be simply killed outright while the women were saved for later fun as soon as the neighborhood was deemed 'safe.'

Jesse acknowledged the message sent from William and General Randolph.  Several from the Bunker were headed his way, hammer down, lights out and silent.  He just hoped they'd get here before the fireworks started.

Suddenly a fierce firefight was heard in the distance and sounded like quite a battle.  "Probably half a mile away - could be Frank" Jesse mused.  One of two things had obviously taken place.  Either a group of thugs had begun ahead of time or, the rescuers had ran into a road block or other line of defense placed by the UN thugs.

Jesses' pulse quickened.  In the darkness, alone . . . he knew he was in a peck of trouble if discovered.  He'd had communications with one of his buddies by the name of Frank whom he'd just visited and had learned they were expecting a firefight.  He told Jesse he doubted that he would live to see the sunrise later this morning.

According to Frank, the time was just after two o'clock AM when the first door was rammed in.  But being alerted ahead of time several of the UN thugs were already down.

The house beside which he was hiding was the leader of this neighborhood, and he'd just swapped some information with him.  Robert Dawson, had been a POW in Vietnam,  Bob, as he preferred to be called, was sharp, alert, ready and salty.  He was well able to defend his household and his property.  They had prepared well and a long to for this very sort of event about to go down any moment now.

And, he was in the know about this attack.  What he didn't know was when it was coming.  Jesse thought surely everyone in this community were aware of the pending attack by those in the street.  The news Bob had received had not been confirmed and was sure it was a deliberate attempt to throw him off.

Ain't no way he would he be surprised when the attack came!  Naw.  He was anticipating it.  However,according to his intel, it was supposed to go down the following evening at sundown.  And here it was almost a day ahead of time.

Jesse had enough confidence in Bob that he would not be wholly and completely taken off guard to the point of being defenseless.  Hardly.  He was always ready.  And the stupid thug strolling up the sidewalk with a man on either side of him had no idea what he was walking into.

True, they'd been very successful in their attempt in getting into several neighborhoods quietly, but they were far from being undetected.  At the very onset of martial law, Bob had organized the group and had put a neighborhood electrician to wiring all the houses with an intercom system through the existing telephone cables.

True, the lines were down on the major thoroughfares, but connections to the outside lines had been removed allowing fairly secure communications between the group within the neighborhood.  Bob had been instrumental in setting up underground facilities for several of the houses.  His own was quite an elaborate system on which he'd been working since the 9/11 fiasco.

He could read it, understand it, and could foretell pretty much what was happening.  Even if they burned his house to the ground, he and his would be completely safe.  His main goal in life from a year ago when martial law had been pronounced was the working on his own private bunker, the stocking of provisions as well as leading of others in close proximity in the same goals.

One of the men had been in Vietnam with him and had been wounded, and he, as well as Bob, could sense which way the country was headed.  Between them, they'd helped two other neighborhoods to likewise prepare.  It was slow going at first because people didn't want to believe it was actually happening in America!

Jesse, standing quiet and perfectly still, had his AR trained on the officer in charge.  He was the one standing in the street, directing the movements.  He would take that guy out first, and commence with taking out as many of the ones he could see.  Jesse wondered if he his own self live to see the morning light.

The officer in charge raised his arm to signal all to get ready to disperse toward their goal.  Almost instantly a shot sounded and all the men standing in the streets moved at once.  But something was bad wrong!  Members of the group in the street started dropping.  Jesse knew the officer had not fired the signal shot to commence.  The shot the troops mistook as the leaders signal was not fired by him.

That shot had come from across the street.  From old Mrs Wimberly herself.  She lived there alone since her husband had died less than six months ago.  But she was plenty salty as well.  Jesse saw the officer stiffen and like a plank fell on his back, half his head gone.  The battle had commenced.

The group in the street was not ready . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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