ll this long way around, flying slow for the other plane would be to their great disadvantage.  When the tail plane was left in the 'proverbial dust,' not being able to keep up, he just cut across with only a general ntion of the Bunker location.

Unbeknownst to LMA group, there were connections to the men in the tail and the drone which was outside the LMA headquarter at that very instant.

When they were within fifty miles of the LMA headquarters, they got two disturbing pieces of information.  One, the drone was acting as a low level communications satellite between it's headquarters and a plane of their own.  Right off, it was believed that the tail was the plane with which it was communicating.

And second, the tail plane was very close to headquarters.  Although they had not accomplished the mission of tailing the 130, they were still about to learn for sure if it was hangared at the Hanoi Hilton.  Or so they thought.  General Randolph was snapping instructions.  Someone would take out the little drone and NOW!

Immediately six groups of ten men grabbed shot guns and headed out in every direction to learn the location of the drone operator with specific instructions to bring him in.  At the same time it was decided Ginger was to land at a distant airfield and offload onto trucks already enroute.  Beau was to stand by to check for any aircraft that may be in the area.

Twenty four men and six trucks were ordered out to unload the 130 as soon as possible.  They wanted as few eyes as possible to see the Herculean plane so they were all armed to the teeth ready to kill if necessary.  The huge bird was just too valuable to risk knowledge of her unnecessarily.

Had the material been bugged with a tracking device before Amy and Ginger picked it up?  The cargo would be searched quickly and completely as soon as possible.

As Beau and his group came into the area, they located a plane matching the description of the tail-plane.  With their superior speed, they overtook the plane attempting to get alongside and encourage them to leave.  The pilot in command simply made a stiff left banking turn which Beau countered.

Three more times they would pull this same maneuver, finally they took the hint when Beau came alongside and men with .50 cal machine guns appeared in the open cargo door.  The pilot took a quick look, saluted and banked his plane away and down, then headed northeast in the direction of Mena.

Beau tailed him until his fuel level got down to emergency.  One thing about fuel in an airplane; you absolutely must never fly past the point of having fuel enough to get home on.  That is, if you planned on making it back.

After unloading, the 130 proceeded to the satellite headquarters #2.  After storing the plane in the huge camo hangar in the mountain, the final cargo was unloaded and taken out via trucks.  But hopefully the location of the 130 would be safe.  They sure didn't want to risk losing that plane!

Ginger and Amy did not arrive back at the Hilton until early the next morning.  She was hoping for at least the morning light to aid in landing at that little place.  They had grabbed one of the twins from the Harrington Bunker, and had the hammer down toward home.  They were makin every attempt to keep the lighting off preventing unwanted eyes from discovery.

Amy was in left seat and Ginger was navigating and doing radio work.  When they were within fifty miles of the Hilton, Ginger contacted the LMA Headquarters.  Trouble.

It was becoming quite a chore keeping the sky clear of drones.  Within minutes of a shoot down, there would be another in its place.  One of the new men in the Sherman Militia was a whiz on communications and set up a small remote radar.  With it he hoped to locate the drones.  And he was working on a jamming system with which to make the drones of no use.

His homemade tracking system was top notch and attackers were sent out to take down the latest crop of drones.  So far, they had eliminated twenty three drones like the one pictured at the left.  With Amy advised of all this, she would have to land quickly as possible and get inside.  When she was within two miles, she was to click the mike three sets of three clicks.  Then the normal five clicks to turn on the runway lights on short final.


These little drones are very hard to spot even in clears skies sunshine.  Exacerbate that with the cover of the woods which were around and, or at night, and it was nigh on to impossible to find them.

Lyndal had a group out trying to find the remote controller.  They were to take them down and confiscate their equipment.  At five minutes into the search one of Lyndals' men located a vehicle.  His group of four men surrounded the car and ordered them out.  Instead, the driver started the vehicle and slammed it into reverse with the accelerator to the floor.

One of Lyndals' men was struck by the front of the car as it screamed around literally slinging the front end around like a weight on a rope.  All of them opened fire on the vehicle, killing the driver who stiffened out on the accelerator.  The right front end of the vehicle became lodged against a tree, then sat there spinning the tires until a few shots fired through the engine silenced it.

Thick gray rubber smoke engulfed the vehicle and hid the fact that the fuel tank had been hit.  He wanted to get that trunk open before flames erupted.  It was extremely dangerous, but they needed all that was in the trunk.

Two men in the rear seat jumped out and were taken in custody.  Lyndal quickly glanced at the other man and there was no chance for him.  He quickly grabbed the controller for the drone and six boxes of drones that had never been opened, passing them along to the men.  Men were scraping dirt over the fuel trying to soak it up lest it catch fire.

Lyndal snatched the keys from the ignition racing to the rear of the vehicle.  In the trunk was a sophisticated communications system and a small radar dish mounted on a rotary shaft.  A couple of the men scrambled to remove the equipment and sequester it away from the threat of fire.

There was only one more box of stuff and a few ammo boxes left skinning his knuckles in the effort.  Lyndal grabbed them from the trunk and picked up a little flat disc that was located under the cowling behind the back seat.

It had scraped loose when a tight fitting box was pulled out.  He knew exactly what it was and decided to have a little fun.  He would plant this on some unsuspecting vehicle when he went into town that evening.

The smell of the fuel was getting much stronger and was now running in a narrow but deadly riverlet from under the middle of the car.  When Lyndal had everything, he closed the trunk lid, the doors and headed for his workroom inside the Hilton.  Within milliseconds the vehicle was up in flames and had become a funeral pyre for the corpses of two men inside.

Since they were already both dead, might as well cremate them here instead of having to drag the corpses back to the Hilton and cremate them there.

If there were any more bugs or tracking devices, the fire would render them unaffective as well.  The forest around that area was quite green so there wouldn't be much chance at a forest fire.  It only burned for another half hour, completely destroying the car and the two who were in the front seat.  As soon as it cooled enough, it was netted with camouflage.

The two captives had been stripped, clothes checked carefully for a transmitter, their clothes switched out with jumpsuits and allowed to redress.  They were put into cuffs, blindfolded and marched away.

All this happened while Amy was coming in for landing.  Ginger opened the huge hangar door with the remote, and Amy dead-headed in pushing her mixture closed and allowing the engine to starve out before the plane stopped.  The door closed after having been open for less than three minutes.

The men taken from the car were being questioned from inside the brig, one at the Bunker, the other at the Hilton.  Willie Bates had been unable to extract any information from them, so one of the girls asked if she could try.

They were recording the info via the bug in her lapel.  But, make them talk, she did.  They were cuffed solidly to the 'interrogation' chair, and anything at all could be done to them.  But her idea to make them talk was to let them feel the edge of the blade she carried.  One by one she interviewed - interrogate . . . whatever you want to call it.

She began by telling them up front, "don't make any sudden moves as I'm working.  I intend for you to live . . .  but . . .  if you flinch or make a fast move . . .  well . . .  you'll probably bleed to death in two minutes.

She made a surface cut on each side the neck, just enough to allow the blood to run down and chill.  She had asked them the question up front, then said "no response huh?  OK then, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be skinned alive?"

The information she gathered was about a much larger contingent standing by awaiting information from them concerning the Bunker, then they were to attack.  Seems as though they wanted two pieces of real-estate owned by the General.

Problem was, they just didn't know what they were getting into by tangling with the General . . .

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