haron could hear nothing; not the wind rushing through the windowless cab blowing her hair straight out where the rear glass used to be, not the sounds of the firearms, not the bullets striking the pickup and not the screaming of the engine.

Suddenly a severe shake in the engine brought her attention back to the moment, and she looked down at the gauges.  The oil pressure gauge indicated zero oil presure.  Oil filter had probably taken a hit and lost the oil.

She could smell the antifreeze in the steam that was spewing from the radiator partially blocking her view forward.  Knowing the Grim Reaper was hoving near to take their souls, she stubbornly whipped that little jimmy back and forth and pressed even harder on the gas pedal.  She would get every ounce of life out of that little GMC pickup truck before she quit.

The curve which would protect them from sniper fire from the rear was coming up but not near fast enough.  Her leg cramped as it had locked into position on the gas pedal and had the hammer down hard.

On top of all that, the timer on the bomb in the bed of the pickup in which they were speeding along was also moving speedily to zero hour.  Anyone within thirty yards of ground zero would be killed instantly.  If they couldn't make it to the curve they were goners.

Strangely, again her mind went back to just a few minutes prior when they were sitting in front of the Russian Embassy.  They'd watched the vehicle matching the description of the informant as it turned onto the street and headed in their direction.  There were no support cars for protection, as the driver hadn't realized he'd been fingered so quickly and the information he'd received was false.

It had fallen Williams lot to take him out.  And now, within seconds, he would look the treasonous dog right in the eyes before dispatching him with a round from the long Mossburg 308.  It was an extremely bold and daring move on Williams part.  He was right out in the open, in broad daylight, sighting a rifle of which the sound could alert anyone . . . that is, if they hadn't already been sighted.

William stepped out of the pickup in which they were traveling and went to the back raising the lid over the bed.  Reaching in, he pulled the Mossburg 308 out and quickly glassed the man in the driver seat of the oncoming SUV.  He saw the mans surprise as he recognized William and what was about to happen.  The last thing he saw was the blossom at the business end of the Mossburg.

The SUV the man was driving now had a small hole in the windshield.  The man was slumped over the steering wheel with the largest part of his head blown through the back glass.  Now slowing and without command of someone able to steer, it veered to the edge of the road and struck the bobtail sitting right in front of the ruskies' embassy.

That bobtail was an old U-Haul one ton vehicle and had been parked there only three minutes before the showing of the mole.  It was loaded heavily with shape charges set against a huge copper plate lined concrete bulwark in the bed.  The aim was to direct the force of the blast with intentions of taking out as much of the embassy as they possible.

Now, immediately upon firing the shot that killed the mole, William set the remote timer on the bomb inside the bobtail for three minutes and dropped it into the jimmy.  Quickly slamming the trunk deck lid, he jumped into the pickup.  Gunning it with the pedal to the floor, they screamed around the first corner turning right then another right turn looking for pursuers.  At the next cross street he turned left and let off the foot feed.

Three blocks later he pulled out on the main road and covered the distance to the mountain off-ramp.  At the first block he turned down an alley to switch places with Sharon and bring all more of their ordinance up in the cab with them.  The bomb at the Russian Embassy had not gone off as of yet.  He was exceptionally glad for it as he needed that time to get as far away as possible.

He checked the timer for the Embassy bomb: 1 minute to go.  When it went, it was going to be HUGE!  Much bigger than the one the CIA planted at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Later on they would dump the jimmy they were using with hopes of the bomb within its bed taking out a large number of thugs who would certainly flock all over it within minutes of them rushing the gauntlet.  The man he'd just taken out with the 308 had just come from setting up that gauntlet using the the false information he'd received from a double informant.

This information was a specially designed mission of bombing the embassy, but wasn't to take place until six o'clock that evening when another government czar of the pea brain crooked "president" of the United States was arriving. Remember, this story was written of the ignorant peasant pig moslem - barack obama.

By that time it would be heavily fortified and surrounded by a ring of protectors.  The erroneous info ruse had worked perfectly.

Crazy Eights, the man William had just offed, had gained partnership of a soldier in General Randolph's militia - now sitting the the brig.

William knew who Crazy Eights was but had never formally met him.  The guy was called that because he had one eye that rolled to the right side on a continual basis and was extremely distracting and annoying to anyone trying to hold a conversation with him.  He was sharp and stupid - all at the same time.  There really was no way a person could describe him.

The erroneous message had caused the ruskies to bring in their diplomat that morning to meet the U.S. czar at two-twenty.  By the time the attack was to take place at six, their dirty work could be done and be gone.  So the bomb was set to go off at the time Crazy Eights would be arriving.  The US czar would also be there.

Although the information was quite successful, they had already figured, a net, or gauntlet had been set up to stop any vehicle coming into town via that road.  And that is what he and Sharon would have to traverse and were in the middle of right now.  One thing in their favor: they were expecting a vehicle coming into town.  William and Sharon would be going out of town.  Still, it would be a very dangerous ordeal.

Now, as Sharon took the wheel, they were on the only road that led to the mountain on which their ride home was waiting.  Ginger was in the C130 which had delivered the two trucks, William driving the larger truck with the bomb.  Now, they were at the final trek of their mission, and William was sweating it more concerneced for Sharon's safety than his own.

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