he Friday night playoff of the Patriotic Gentleman's Club would meet again this week.  The issues which unfolded the prior week had indeed rekindled a fire in the hearts of the Four, the insiders of Williams' circle.

Sure, there were several others in the club which met on a consistent basis and for the most part, extremely patriotic, often voicing their opinions and concerns during their time at the club in very emotional tirades.  But William was not sure about any of them outside his four closest comrades.  Project 'Last Mission Accepted,' was not mentioned outside of the circle of the Four.

But each one of the Four had excitedly enbraced the secret William had mentioned, and each one brought their ideas to the club house that night.  Again, most of the others had gone home early, but two late stayers were hanging around to be with the Four.  One was named George Gacy, the other Dale Hamlin.  Dale was the older of the two and was just under Old Joe, and George was just older than Randal.

George and Dale both had been fairly close to the Four, and William as well.  They were newcomers to the Patriotic Gentleman's Club and both had expressed their feelings, all of which coincided with William and the Four.  With their addition, that made a total of seven men including William.  What could just seven old men do to change the course of history?

Even more of a question, what could they possibly do to alter the direction the deep problems of America were taking her right now?  What she faced right now were dire concerns which would result in the death of her were they not corrected.

Well, there might not be too much they can do, and, whether or not any died was not the issue.  The issue was fundamentally the dying without trying to do something.  The chiefest of honors would be to die in service to America, especially, if it changed her for the good.

George and Dale was inducted into the Four by all, and they were taken to the core of the 'Project.'  As the ideas of the original Four began to surface, George and Dale both interjected kudos as well as objective thoughts.

Soon it was four in the morning and the gist of the plan had come to life.  It was really quite simple in its fundamental objective.  One at a time, old Patriots who were physically able and still had the fires of patriotism, love of God, flag, and country surging through their veins, would be recruited and sent on LM's, (Last Missions).

But, if they died in the process of fulfilling their dreams of serving their country, their honor would be great.  Perhaps none outside the group would ever know of their sacrifice, but, they each would be contented knowing they had done SOMETHING.

The idea of deliberately giving of ones life for country was certainly not a new one.  The most famous were the Kamikaze flights of the Japanese pilots who brazenly flew their planes into warships of the US in an attempt to sink or destroy as many sailors, or do as much damage as possible, and of course, deliberately dying in the process.  Many of those planes were loaded heavy with explosives, and many exploded prior to reaching the ships due to the defensive fire power brought to bear against them.

The planes would be literally riddled to rags by the time they hit the ships, and many did successfully finish their mission.  Great damage and loss of life to the Americans resulted in those missions, although no American ships were sank by that method.

The suicide bombings of the Muslims had killed and maimed many, soldier and civilian alike, and each were counted as martyrs for their faith, but only in their own circles, the dogs of Islam.  People all over the world held them in deepest contempt.  Their's was a cowardly mission, cowardly done in the presence of innocent people who were not combatants.  The Muslims blew up women and children . . . how could anyone ever think there is honor in that?  Only the lowest dog.

The cowardice was exacerbated exponentially by the mere fact that those initiating the bombings were the same ones that would use a woman or a child as a shield while they cursed or fired at the enemy.  I mean, how much lower can one go to match these cowardly displays?

But America was not known for the suicide mission.  There were many who died in attempt of impossible missions, some suspecting the success of the mission depending on certain death, but to deliberately seek out a manner in which to die in the process of a mission was frowned upon by nearly all Americans.  Suicide in any form was frowned on . . . and rightfully so.

But, would these really be suicide missions?  How could it be suicide if they had a terminal disease and a job needed doing which might well take their life, but would save a much younger, healthy soldier with many years to live, still able to fight for many years, and even perhaps still in the midst of raising their families?

No.  These would not be suicide missions; but they will be missions of extreme danger, with the understanding they might not come back, but, they will do everything in their power to accomplish said mission.  The mission will be counted a success upon the accomplishment of two agendas:

1: That the mission itself is accomplished, and
2: The soldier returns home safely.

The debate finally ceased, and all took the oath that they would stand behind.  That oath, somewhat edited from the current oath taken by any member of the armed forces reads:

"I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice - so long as they adhere to the principles set down by the Constitution of the United States of America.  So help me God."

Time to get down to business.  One of the first things to do was acquire a list of missions that needed doing that seemed to have the concern of no one in particular, or at least enough concern to mobilize and 'take care' of the problem.  The most important issue currently was the sitting POTUS.  The next, and with the second most danger to the Constitution and the country, was the Muslim czars.

The first order of business after the hierarchy was determined, was to begin recruiting of operatives.  Intelligence was a must, secrecy was a must, and all recruits must meet a few requirements. They were listed as:

1.  Must be mentally and physically able to perform the mission.  They could be handicapped.  In fact, who would suspect an old gentleman with a leg missing, in a wheel chair or otherwise visibly handicapped of performing a mission equal to a military mission?
2.  Must be informed of the dangers of the specific mission.
3.  A person with a terminal disease would be accepted.
4.  Once the interview was finished, the gentleman would be investigated.  But everything was done in total secrecy.  The applicants never knew with whom they spoke, who the authorities were, what the job would be, when the call would come, or any other details.  All they knew was that the efforts of Old Patriots were needed for the war effort in taking back the US and her Constitution.
5.  Once the mission was confirmed, the applicant would be contacted and details given via a recorded message much like the old Mission Impossible episodes.  The difference would be that there was no support team, and the individual must carry out the mission unassisted and alone.
6. Must have been born in the US.

The verbal interviews were to be held via camera over the internet.  By bouncing the signal all over the world several times, it would be virtually untraceable.  There was no doubt in the minds of the Gentleman Patriots their intentions would be considered as illegal by authorities.  Espionage is frowned upon by all governments, and law enforcement agencies, and the higher ups within the military itself.  But this was war, and in war, these types of missions are not only acceptable, they are expected.

A number of weapons would be used to carry out the mission.  A back up system would be in place, as well as assistance in the case of emergency or discovery, but the applicant would know nothing of this.  His instructions were to do everything possible and within his capabilities to accomplish the mission unscathed.  He may very well be able to perform multiple missions.

Were he to be captured, there was little information they could get out of him, even with torture, and with his age and terminal illness, there was little chance he would be sent to prison or executed.

The Four, (which were now actually seven, but the name stuck), were assembled, and awaiting their first applicant.  The system they had set up to recruit was quite ingenious, and each time it would be different.  The word went out to an underground of accomplices which had been gathered over the course of the three months since the first night when the idea was first launched.

Much work had gone into the organization as a whole, and their recruiting operatives had come forward by the dozens.  It was very labor intensive and time consuming to go through the prospects.

It's amazing how word of mouth can spread.  And simple ads such as seen in distant and small newspaper classifieds.  Much like Foreign Legion ads.  And within the three month period they had looked at enough initial applications to choose and begin.  They were ready and waiting on the applicant.

The applicant termed App-0001a was sent instructions on where to find further instructions.  Each pickup and drop-off was visually monitored as well as recorded.  The monitor may be a homeless person "asleep" in an adjacent building or hidden among some bushes.  The drop-off was recorded as well as the pickup.  Each parcel was laden with a GPS device and it's position, location, travel and most of the conversation within hearing distance of the device was monitored.

Three days later, following his instructions, he sat down on the park bench, and pulled the scrap of paper with the hat pin and ear bud from between the cracks.  He would give a couple of stomps of his right foot when he had the ear bud in place and the hat pin attached to his shirt on the inside out of view.

Following instructions given via the ear bud, he stood up, hailed a cab, and gave the directions.  When he pulled up to the location, the cab driver said lowly, "take the package from the door and put it in your shirt pocket."

The cabby drove off like a branded calf as soon as the door shut.  App-0001a felt alive and excited with all the drama and the mystery.  He wondered if he would live through this experience.  Never had he felt this alive!

He hadn't realized all the following of the instructions were a test to see if he could do simply that: follow instructions.  More than one applicant would not meet these demands and would never be called for mission.

He was instructed to hail another cab, and it turned out, he had hailed the same cab as before!  Imagine that!  But his instructions were ramping up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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