ll this was on Williams brain as he opened his eyes and peered right straight into the eyes of the most beautiful woman in the world.  And she was smiling back at him.  Suddenly he needed her in his arms, but the best he could muster was a hand reached out to meet hers in the middle of the aisle between the two beds which had been placed to each other.

Sharon's was the smile of sheer beauty.  And her character was such that anyone whose life she touched, would make a lifetime friend, those friends knowing, seeing, experiencing the beauty of her character.  She reminded him of a little story he had read one time of an old town which had stemmed from a Trading Post.

In that little abbreviated article, the post had been named Smile Of The Gods Trading Post, the phrase coined by the local indigenous Indians to describe the smile of a woman.  It was merely a little article found in a magazine in the waiting area of a commercial airport.  He had quickly perused the article wanting to get on to some article which would captivate his interest for the duration of the flight.  He didn't take much notice of it then, and had left the magazine on the plane.

The city in the story built close by The Trading Post was called Smile.  Within a year of it springing up, it had burned to the ground in a matter of less than twenty four hours.  Several hundred were killed, but the part that caught his eye was the words of the Sheriff commenting on the fire.  He felt the cause of the fire was arson with the intention of hiding a double murder in which a couple in copulation had been executed in the very act.

Learn the identity of those two souls and one would probably have his killer.  The Sheriff being quoted was named Goodsen.  Trey Goodsen.  William had learned the Sheriff's trade, if there was such a thing, from his very own ancestor, named William Travis.  Trey had known him personally.  Trey had lived in the town, had fought beside one of the most reputable US Marshalls of all time, Tobias Gale.

Tobias Gale was also his great, great grandpa.  Treys son had married Tobias and Golden Fawn's daughter, who in her own right, had made quite the reputation for herself.  But that was another story for another time.  She would be the grandmother of the current William Travis.

While it all looks kind of preplanned, the bottom line is, 90% of the time one marries close (if not within) their circle of influence.

Sharon learned of the story one evening as William related it.  It struck a chord in her heart and the fascination was so great she could not get it off her mind.  She began searching for that article or maybe even a split off story.  Several of her 'clan,' or 'her girls,' whom Sung Wu had assembled and trained especially for the purpose of guarding her, had been let in on the subject and each of them would bring in magazines they found during every mission.

The problem is, America was in such a shambles that few newspapers were running and even fewer magazines were being put out.  With the computer system being even worse yet.  So the ability to spread a wide net in search of such a small article, even online, well, the results are a hassle if not downright impossible.

But she never let the subject get too far out of her mind.  She continued her search as soon as she was able to get out of the hospital.  For some odd reason, she had the distinct feeling that the wolf and the town were related subjects.

Doc Wilson was speaking with William something to the effect that he wanted them to stay at least another week in the hospital.  Remember, the Bunker hospital was very small having only about six beds plus the ones used for minor incidents.  He'd rather both remain in the hospital as long as the bed wasn't needed.  He understood they wanted to be together.  Very well, they would be discharged together, but not yet!

In less than two weeks, they had both been discharged, and a guard placed at their 'condo,' (their quarters within the Bunker).  Sung Wu, who lived with them, was serving them and taking care of both of them, and he was packing (carrying his firearm).  This disturbed William and Sharon both.  Why would Sung Wu be packing?  Inside the facility?  Inside their home??

.22 casing

William was quite upset at what he was learning.  At first he couldn't believe it.  Then, the more details he received, the more pieces of a puzzle forming in his mind were beginning to actually draw a picture.

The Four had dropped in for a visit and to shoot the breeze with him for a few and, was wanting to ask some questions. After listening to some of the points they were making, some things he'd puzzled over were coming to light.  Things started falling into place.  Fog about some questions began to clear a little and one could see.

There was no doubt.  They had more than one traitor within the Bunker, and it was going to be tough to ferret out who it was, but figure it out, they would!

Although William nor the General were into eavesdropping, they would go to whatever extreme was needed to locate and deal justice to him/her.  It certainly wouldn't be the first time, but neither did they think it was going to be the last either.  Dealing with traitors is always nasty business.  And there's only one way to effectively cure the person of it.  With a noose or a bullet.  The bullet being the preference.

The query went around the room to each person within the Four, if any had seen anyone with a small caliber pistol, or rifle.  None could recall and suggestions were given as to how to change things up a bit, and perhaps given enough slack would inadvertently leak some details, hints or other tidbits of information with which to crack the case.

Beau had the good idea to reassign rooming partners with the hope that a slip of the tongue may be the key they needed.  After a week of being reassigned a rooming partner, Beau was asked a simple question which would commence the whole ball of wax to come undone.  Even though the secret was revealed, it would take William a while to sort things out.

But the secret was directly connected to Williams own past.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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