efore the sun had even peeked over the range of mountains which bordered the valley in which the Bunker was located, Jesse had managed to secure the bodies of not only the two men he'd snatched but the rest as well.  "Keep questions to a minimum was his motto.  He sure didn't need no stinkin FEMA authorities getting involved.

Beau had removed the uniforms of the men, and between him and Ginger had found an abundance of information sewn into the seams.  He'd called Sergeant Pete Kincheloe, the communications tech to check out the com system pulled from the officer.  After a little time with it he apprised William of the quality of the system.  An extremely valuable find indeed!

Jesse learned Bob had already stripped the rest of bodies of valuables; firearms and ammo of this type was hard to come by at that time plus several of the radios.

At lunch later that day Beau, Jesse, William, General Randolph, Amy and Ginger were discussing the problem of the UN on American soil and their being used to confiscate the peoples firearms.  There was no doubt of the Americans surprising the small thug armies being sent out.  Most Americans had firearms and, they knew how to use them effectively.

Several stories of bravery, loss and wins had come to light.  General Randolph was in the middle of a chilling tale of one community which had been slaughtered like dogs.  He had gotten a request from the Chief of Police to send some help over in the clean up.  But he just simply did not have the manpower to spare.

The only reason he'd even consider the assisstance of cleanup was to keep FEMA out of the picture.

Ginger spoke up and stated something that took a little bit of consideration to get their heads around it.  "Ya know, Dad went to High School with a lady by the name of Wimberly, and I'd heard she lived in this area.  If it's the same person, she was quite wealthy and was in sole ownership of a local communications company.  When her husband died, she sold off a large part of her shares taking her ownership down to fifty one percent.

She had decided to to sell off the remainder of her ownership when the economy collapsed.  Most of the shareholders by then were broke so she was left with the residual of the company with the exception of one man who owned eleven percent.  He would not to sell.  I heard he was wounded the other day and had been taken to his aunts house to recuperate.

He'd lost his whole family due to a thug riot and nearly died trying to saving them.  It has been said a couple of the big cahunas of the Texas interim government had put out a contract on him.  One million dollars.  One of the men who'd taken him to his aunts' place to recuperate was telling me that Carl had no idea why he'd have a contract on his head unless it was his shares in the communications giant.

Jesse queried "are you telling me Carl was Sigrid Wimberly's nephew?"

Ginger nodded her head in confirmation.  "Yup."

"I met him the day Sigrid backed that big punk down with her .357.  Did he have any other Aunts that you knew of?"

Ginger shook her head no and replied "don't know of anyone one on his dads side.  But her two sisters that came to America with her are both dead.  Selena, her older sister by two years died about four years ago.  She contracted polio just after coming to America.

Carl was pretty much raised by Sigrid after his parents died in a car crash.  Over the years he was given shares in the company and had purchased several shares later.  Dad also owned shares, quite a few in fact.  I think he told me one time he owned a total of nine percent.

"Then you now own those shares?"

Ginger shrugged and said "yeah, for whatever good they are."

That point faded from the conversation when Beau spoke up and said "if Sigrid Wimberly is known by anyone in the thug gang as the aunt of Carl, and, knowing of the bounty on his head, they might be able to put together where he's located."

"I wouldn't think anyone knows enough of those facts to put together the location of Carl."

"They might if they knew of the run-in between Logan Ramsey and Sigrid" Jesse offered.

"What do you know Jesse?"  General Randolph said.

"I witnessed an altercation between Logan and Sigrid at the store on the corner.  Sigrid pulled a .357 and let him stare down the barrel of that thing while she warned him.  Also, I'm positive she was the person who shot Logan when he raised his arm to give the signal to commence the operation of collecting the firearms.  It was the sound of her shot which started the raid."

"How do you know this?" asked William.

"Because I saw the muzzle flash.  I was hiding beside the add-on of Bobs house across the street.  I don't know if she even recognized who she'd shot with the little light that was available" responded Jesse.

"Well one thing for sure.  I think we should go see Bob and see if he's in the know of this new development.  Beau, I want you and Jesse to follow General Randolph and I.  We'll go inquire of Robert about these situations and warn him.  Be ready to move out at fourteen hundred hours."

Beau was explaining his actions and role in the gun grab of the prior evening at another incident.  But Jesse was on a whole different train of thought and very obviously by his injection which threw the conversation in a whole direction.  "Do you know how Carl was wounded and where?"

Amy then spoke up "I'm not sure if this is the same incident or not, but a week or so back while I was over at the Virgina bunker I overheard a conversation about someone was seizing firearms after being pulled over by a stolen police cruiser.  His uncle, also a policeman, had been the first on the scene of one of their own had called for help.  His entire family had died and he was wounded seriously."

"It may have to do with the bounty."

"Jesse and Beau fell silent for a few minutes.  It looked as if Sigrid and Carl could be in a very bad way.  If the storm hadn't been brought to bear against them as of yet - it would very soon.  Beau informed William of their intentions to go straight to Sigrids' house and attempt to learn more about Carl.  It could be that Carl had no idea as to the gathering clouds building for a huge storm against them.

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