illiam was up and in the ready room by six am three days after he was released from the hospital.  Sung Wu had suggested rather bluntly that he needed to rest another week, and then take it easy.

But William was having none of that.  Beau had come to him the prior evening with some disturbing news.  His appearance to William by request was upsetting to Sharon . . . well, and William too.  Sung Wu sat him down at the table, handed him a bag of ice and with strict orders to not move.

Within a couple of minutes of calling, Doc Wilson showed up with his bag in tow, and within another couple of minutes, the General, Jesse Orozco, Link Casper and Randal Weatherford.  Although quite crowded, they were inside William & Sharon's quarters.

By the time Doc walked in, Sung Wu had moved Beau to and reclined on the couch holding a bag of ice to his temple.  It was turning very blue and the knot that was protruding was horrendous and looked quite life threatening.

William was bringing the Four up to speed on the conversation he'd had with Beau not fifteen minutes prior.  Beau was about to get undressed for bed when his new roommate asked a loaded question right out of the blue.  Beau had his back toward the guy, and never realized what was coming until it had taken him to his knees.

Talbert Cabot, with whom Beau had been reassigned as roommate, was born in Germany of a French mother and a Italian father who was purported to be of mafia ilk.  Although Cabot was an Italian name, it was also a popular English name.  Either way, he was a mercenary of the French Legion, with special ops connections to the CIA and placed there inside The Bunker as per direct request of Hillary Clinton.


Somehow he had arranged to be planted into the Bunker via connections within the Generals group, but he was never able to gain access to 'The Four.'  That meant he was kept outside the circle of influence that so many coveted but so few ever gained.  His mission was to ferret out the elaborate designs, strengths, weaknesses; and report to the person who was very close to Hillary Clinton, especially after she had left the position as Secretary of State.

The mission was to be completed in phases.  Phase one was to infiltrate the group.  There were no less than six men who were to be involved, and William had just taken down two of them personally in the deadly Gauntlet. Crazy Eight was killed personally by William with a sniper rifle right in front of the Russian Embassy.

The third, Jacob Paulson, was shot by Beau when he and another guy were about to execute William and Sharon.  The vehicle with which they ran the gauntlet was riddled to shreds and it appeared that no one could have survived it.  That wasn't all.  When the engine of the pickup in which they were screaming toward the safety of the C130 locked up causing the rearend to slide to the left.  Sharon instantly turned the front wheels toward the slide which kept them from spinning out.

With them sliding sideways to the left, front and back wheels struck the shoulder of the road simultaneously and quite hard.  Although dazed they had but a few seconds to get out of it.

But William, slipping in and out of consciousness was incapacitated and could not move of his own accord.

When the little jimmy shuddered it's last breath sliding to a halt against the left bank of the road, Sharon was already out of her seat belt.  With her Arkansas pig-sticker, she sliced the belt off of William.  Kicking the door open furiously using both feet, she then literally pushed him out of the vehicle where he fell to the ground beside the truck.  She crawled out over his hulk and litterally dragged him away from the burning pickup.

Before they was twenty feet away, the fuel tank on the pickup blew.  The shockwaves knocked her down right beside William as if they had been lain there purposely.  It was Jacob Paulson, the brother of Rudy Paulson who was bringing the gun to bear on William and Sharon when Beau sliced him down, ultimately saving the lives of the pair on the ground.

This was all done while men, including Doc Adams, from the plane were running full out to retrieve the couple.

William, under "hit" orders from a long time rival, and was to be executed with a little one-shot German dueling pistol.  Just as Jacob actuated the miniature gun, he was jerked by the force of the big 50 that Beau was slinging.  The other man attempting to bring his rifle up and was also killed by Beau.

The officer in command, a man by the name of Raul Lyons, had glass on the scene and watched the whole thing from a distance.  He saw Beau shoot the men sent to execute William and Sharon and made note of it, making sure Link Hollins, his favorite nephew, who was stationed inside the Bunker Hilton knew the score.  And then the perfect setup had happened automatically.  Beau had been assigned to room with Talbert Cabot.  Talbert Cabot and Link Hollins were brothers-in-law and were close.

But Beau had survived the attack of Talbert and staggered from the room.  Talbert was dead of a broken neck so he was no longer a threat.  That made five men within the Bunker that had died who were part of the same overthrow detail.  There was only two more, but The Four had no idea if there were any more, or, if there were a dozen more.

But there was definitely a shakedown coming.  And the troubles, the injuries and the cost were calling for recompense.  And that man, or men, when they were found - (and they would be found), would die at the hands of a firing squad.  Times were getting serious;  and serious times called for serious - drastic measures intended to put an end to the ring.

Beau, laying on the sofa in William and Sharon's quarters with a bag of ice on his head suddenly opened his eyes.  William, in deep confab with the General, Doc, Sung Wu and a couple of others did not notice.  But Sharon did.  And she saw something akin to terror in his eyes.

He was staring right at a little clock on the mantle which she walked over and picked up after following his eye path.  By this time William's attention had been averted and he paused causing all the men to look Sharon's way.  She didn't see anything wrong with the timepiece and handed it to William.  She then looked at Beau.

"What is the name of that clock?  Or what is the manufactures name?" Beau asked.

William turned it over and was looking at the little manufactures plate on the bottom as Sharon said "It's a Hermie.  The style is Hollins.  It is an original, besides being a pretty little clock, it was quite expensive.  Is something wrong with it?"

"Naw, I just had a crazy thought.  Hey Doc, is this thing looking any better?" he asked.  "I'm wanting to go to bed."

Doc knew his friend well enough to know he didn't just have 'cazy thoughts.'  He knew there was something wrong.  He picked up on the vibes Beau was sending very quickly and said "well, I don't think you're going to be doing anything for a day or so.  Link, help me get him to the hospital.  He can spend the night there.  Besides, his place is pretty torn up at the moment."

William had caught on as well.  "Doc, can you see to it that Beau stays down for at least two days.  I'll be back on my feet in the morning."

"Done!" responded Doc.  Then "Get a hold of his arm Link."

Sharon set the clock back on the shelf and wound it.  It was a seven day clock and she had forgotten to wind it earlier, so it had stopped.  She gave the little clock a twist with her wrist, set the time and went back to bed as it ticked happily away.

But the little clock had a much larger story to tell and it was about to be told.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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