illiam and Sharon were on a donkey cart in the corridor which terminated at the "Airport."  Hoping for a little bit of alone time while placating Sharon and her idea he listened as she commenced.

"Well," said Sharon.  "I think we should document these exploits we're involved with.  In the future it will be a valuable resource in the service to America.  It could go either way.  What I mean, is, it could be a wonderful history filler, confirmation, justification as to our efforts.  Or, it could be that it might be useful in defense of our group if charges are ever brought."

"Also, it would be valuable in keeping straight who did what, their service, how they did, was the mission successful, who died, how, also, details such as vehicles used, lost, destroyed, guns, planes, fuels, reconnaisance, debrief of same, who has what capabilites, names and places of those who have fought us, attacks . . . . . ."

Sharon paused while related spokes of the wheel she'd not mentioned were mixed into the foray from Williams imagination.  She could see the wheels turning in Williams head.  What she was saying held an enormous amount of weight, and, would put an enormous amount of work load on top of everything else was going on.  "But," thought William.  "This should have been started from the onset."  And he stated the same.

"One portion at a time William.  You can't jump a hurdle until you get to it."

William stopped the donkey, shut the lights off, and turned to her.  She was so beautiful even in the very dim tunnel lighting.  With a mischevious grin he said "I have a feeling you're already into something like this . . . "

Now, it was Sharons turn to look mischevious with a donkey-eating-salt-briers-sort-of-grin.

"Well, if you've already started this, why have you only now decided to ask my favor?" William queried.

"Well, a couple of reasons.  I've already got some girls working on this, and one of them, Tralana, was brought in a month after Beau joined the ranks of the Four.  She was an exceptional office manager for one of the larger Mercantiles which crashed early on after martial law was declared.

She had a chance at their software after a break-in one by thugs one night.  The officers of that company fled two days earlier.  Seems like there was quite a bit of money missing from the coffers which conveniently disappeared at the same time the officers had vamoosed.

"She has all the software she needed to commence this very ordeal, and has gotten a long way into it, but she is unable to get the information on many of the missions, men, locations, dates, times, targets . . ."

"Being in the midst of the whole ordeal, I wanted to be involved completely, and I wanted to be over it so I could keep control of it.  I have several girls already wanting to learn the system and whatever else she can teach them.

"Well, I don't suppose it would be of much value if I said no . . . would it?"  Sharon raised her eyebrows, canted her head a little to the side and smiled.  "Just as I figured" said William.

"Have you a place in which to set up your bookkeeping office?" William asked.

"Yes, and we need your approval to get it into shape so we can work."  When can you talk to General Randolph?"

"I'll aproach him at breakfast."

"OK, it's settled then" Sharon said.  "Now, kiss me!"

William obliged her and for a few moments they held one of their long kisses.  Then Sharon pulled back, and looked in the direction they had been traveling.  "Did you hear what I just heard?" she whispered.

William shook his head in agreement, and got off the donkey.  He pulled his XD and started forward.  They were just beyond the first curve in the tunnel before the straightaway that would take them to underneath the hangar.  Several someones were coming down the hall, and he definitely wanted to see them before they realized they had company.

He recognized none of the voices which were little more than whispers.  There were at least two men and two women.  It wasn't time for a guard change, besides, anyone familiar with their MO would have ridden a donkey.  It was nearly a mile between the Hilton and the Bunker.

Behind the Hilton, under the airstrip and hangar, were the many other caverns and tunnels created from the mining of salt and it was easy to go in the wrong direction if you weren't riding a donkey guided by tracks.

Wiliam touched the alert button his alarm, and instructed Sharon to do the same.  He reached down to his ankle and retrieved his little compact .40 cal XD and handed it to Sharon.  This wasn't looking good at all.  Who were they and how did they get past the guard?

William and Sharon crouched down behind the little donkey and waited for them to come close.  "Looks like we have a dead donkey in the way" said a strange voice.  Another voice responded "well obviously it won't go or it would not have been left here" said a different voice.

"Let me have a go at it mate.  Lories like this was me art in the Yorktown mine" said a very obvious Aussie.

"Let it be.  It can't be too much further.  We'll get the girl and get out before anyone knows we're here."  One of the women was about to step past the donkey when the guy with the course voice said "how do you even know she is here."

The Englishman said "that's what her note said mate.  When she sent it, they hadn't discovered the base tunnel as of yet.  She said we could get her out and blow the whole thing with just the explosives that are in that one room.  She reported they were flying men and ordinance to the Penn II.

Clintons have given the order to attack and secure that facility in two days.  Slick Willy has quite a bit of information about this whole group.  It's time to get this girl before she is discovered."

A womans voice then spoke, "how did she get in here in the first place.  I'm not convinced she's on our side."  A mans voice retorted roughly, "That's the trouble with you English.  "Always doubting, never any confidence.  Why in the world had that crazy Clinton woman send her on this mission to start with.  She'll get the lot of us killed she will."

"Hey, that ain't no bloody way to talk to a lady now is it?  Adelaide come over here and get away from that bloody rude and obnoxious American."

"Alfred get a hold of yourselves.  If you ain't up to the job, go back.  We can't have a fight here right now.  Besides, Hillary is no lady, she's a lying, backstabbing wench with no morals or ethics, neither does she have any integrity whatsoever.  Shhhhhh.  What was that?"

"Here we go, getting spooked again.  This is the last time I'll ever come on a mission with you English limeys."

"One of these days I'll kill you for that you bloody Yank."

"One of these days and I'll give you the chance you lime sucking sissy Brit."

"Shhhhh.  There it is again.  Your contact told us there would be thirty five minutes and no one would be in the tunnel."

"It's only been eight minutes.  Give your cricket a chirp."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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