xploding up out of the foilage like a scared jackrabit, the 130 surprised a small Cessna 210 search plane coming right straight at them.  Ginger never wavered.  She had every life on that plane in her responsbility, and she meant to get them out of there as soon as possible.  Ramming that Cessna was not an issue with her.

Doc needed as smooth a ride as he could possibly as he and Ladasha worked feverishly on the wounded.  He appreciated the steadiness with which Ginger piloted that big bird.

The 210 did a hard diving right missing the 130 by less than a couple of hundred feet, then was nearly blown clean out of the sky with the wash from the heavy plane.  After it recovered it turned as if to follow them, Beau dropped the bottom hatch for the man with the big 50 to expose the guns pointed at them.  It did not turn away fast as the man with the gun thought it should, so it was quickly downed by the big fifty cal machine guns.

They didn't even watch the craft fall burning as it went, then crashed in a huge fireball.

They were headed home and it was going to take something far greater than that little 210 to stop them.  They were going home!  They had their commander on board and he was in dire need of serious surgery.  Period.  End of conversation.  Nothing was going to stop them!

Doc and Ladasha set to working on Will and Sharon before the plane ever moved.  Doc had requested that Ginger at least let him get IV's in both before they moved.  Taking off with those JATOs assist rockets would very easily knock them off their feet.

"NO WAY!  We're moving now!"  And she hit her prop controls, and the big bird was scooting nicely since it had no load other than the men.  Doc soon had the IV's in and was looking his patients over.  They were both very bad.  But Ginger didn't think it was going to be helping William and Sharon if the whole plane and its occupants were killed, taken hostage or damaged by small arms attack.  She sure didn't want to give the attackers a chance to use an RPG.

Just after lifting off, the secondary bomb which had been placed in the little jimmy went off.  The first explosion they'd heard was the fuel tank.  No less than five trucks loaded with men had skidded around it in close enough proximity to experience the consussion.  Those still standing were pouring lead at the C130.

Every man of Beau's team were pouring lead right back.  Two of the fifty cal machine guns were bellowing and spewing lead.  When the bomb in the jimmy went off (secondary to the bomb at the Russian Embassy), it was powerful enough for the shock wave to silence all the turban heads around it.

Things were calming down as Doc was examining Sharons wound a little closer.  She had taken a glancing blow from a bullet hitting her just inside the hair line but didn't seem too dangerous, but, it would take some time for all the symptoms of the concussion to clear.  Doc Wilson had no idea as to how long this would take.

There was little doubt the shot came from a pistol.  Probably 9 mil.  The gash the small bullet cut in her scalp had bled severely and she looked a whole sight worse than she actually was.  Had it been from a .223 it would have taken the larger portion of her head off.

William was also alive but had taken some serious hits, all life threatening if not treated immediately.  He opened his eyes and mouthed something to Doc.  "Sharon?" he asked when Doc had leaned over close.

"She's gonna be fine" Doc lied.  At this point he didn't know how serious the concussion was that had knocked her hearing out.  Doc leaned over again when William motioned, and said "Crazy Eights."

Doc nodded that he understood and sent a messege to Beau who was in the navigators seat, Amy was flying right seat.  "Doc said 'The turncoat was Crazy Eights.'  Doc also instructed to get the message to General Randolph ASAP.  I think it will make a difference in his mission tonight."

"Thanks soldier" Beau said and turned his attention back to assist Ginger.  He made contact with the Hilton Bunker transmitting the now encoded message.  Upon learning the identitiy of the spy, the Generals mission was scrapped.  That mission was planned using details of "inside" information of Crazy Eights,  They correctly assumed it was no doubt a trap.

Although Crazy Eights friend might be on the up and up, he was now sequestered in the brig and was being questioned harshly.  Because of info he had passed, Doc and Ladasha had their hands full with the four wounded soliders.  All but one would survive.

William awoke the next morning to quite a scene taking place in the corner.  Sharon had awakened and having no information of William, got up from bed intending to search him out and promptly passed out.  It was the racket of stuff crashing that had aroused William.  A familiar voice caught his attention as he looked in the direction of the ruckus.  "So, how long are you going to lazy around in this bed before you get up and do something?"

William smiled at the prod from the General and weakly responded "I think I'm just gonna retire here.  The food and the service is great!"  He nodded in the direction of Sharon and said "The eye candy is pretty nice too!"

Then he got serious and asked "How did the mission go last night General?" William asked.

William was still pretty weak, but he had work to do and the General knew he certainly was not going to stay here any longer than absolutely necessary.  "We scrubbed the mission William.  We're thanking the lucky stars for that information about Crazy Eights you sent.

We learned later the place had been prepared as a firey trap for us.  We had our informant picked up and brought out here to see if we could leverage some more information from him.  He's in the brig currently.  Plus Crazy Eights' man is in the brig as well."

"Good" said William.  "Heard anything about the mission yesterday in Florida?"

"Not much,  The report was that the attack was by a group of thugs, but the damage was minimal and no one was hurt.  However there was a report on Patriot Underground Radio (PUR) station reporting that several men were killed in the embassy by a bomb attack."

He continued, "P.U.R. also reported that two US Senators had died in that attack.  Why they were there or what they were doing there is a mystery, but it lead to other questions concerning their circle of friends.  Part of their circle was of course Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation."

General Randolph had paused when he realized William was thinking back to their ordeal.  Williams marvelled at the thought of all they'd been through, of the Russian Embassy and the road block leading to the mountains.  Sharon had literally run that roadblock busting through it that itty bitty pickup.

The only reason they'd chosen that small GMC pickup referred to as a 'jimmy' was to aid in the element of surprise.  And quite frankly, it had worked.  Who would have thought that a little bitty pickup like that would be chosen for such a heavy weight job?

The road block had become a deadly gauntlet which was nothing short of a miracle they'd made it.  Both were in the hospital at the Bunker.  Both were hurt more badly than most had known at first.

When William turned his face back toward him, the General continued.  "Also, in another report there was a large group of Russians that were being detained.  They'd taken refuge in the hospital from a ship that somehow just blew up and sank.  The name of the ship had not been mentioned nor that it had a drilling tower on it."

"Also, you'll be glad to hear.  Rita and Donny arrived back safe and sound yesterday about noon.  The debriefing was an exceptionally exciting story."

"Well," replied William.  "You've got the normal operations running smoothly, so I think I'll just rest here for another couple of years."  When he saw Williams eyes close The General eased over to Doc Wilson who was working on Sharon.

"How is she Doc?" he asked.

"She's doing just fine, but we can't keep her down.  We may have to restrain her" he finished.

"I don't thing that is necessary but I've a suggestion on keeping her down if you want it" he said.

Doc responded quickly.  "say on General."

"Move her bed close enough to Williams' bed that she can hold his hand" he said, then grinned real big, turned and eased out the door.

Doc Wilson nodded to the nurse, then turned to the other soldier.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~  

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