illiam made sure that all written records, all computer records, all recorded records were purged, written over seven times and erased to completely eradicate everything and anything which could be used as evidence toward anyone after each mission.

He knew now that Obama was in bed with the ruskies because it had been the Russians that had questioned, tortured and killed App-0001a.  It was also a Russian, Vladimir Putin, to whom he was talking when the mike nearby picked up part of the conversation.  One could easily see he was making some kind of outside deals with the Russians.

But it was a Muslim that had killed App-0001e because he had been beheaded after being beaten.  The old man held tough until his heart gave out and that early on.  William was glad he had not destroyed the hat pin recorders that each man wore as it gave him inside knowledge as to the murderers.

He did not send the self destruct command until the coroner had loaded him onto the gurney while en route to the ambulance.  It was a risky move in that it gave off the smell of burned electronics and could alert the authorities, and after a thorough search of his clothes, would be discovered.  But all they would find is a burned hat pin, but they would be onto the fact that their conversation had possibly been monitored, and no doubt recorded.

It also give him insight as to how much they knew about the organization by the questions they asked.  The ruskies had not given any information, but the Muslims, stupid and untrained, therefore extremely ignorant in the ways of espionage, asked very pointed and telling questions.

The information he gleaned from the torture of App-0001e let him know that Obama had a crew of his 'special forces' in action.  He had foolishly spoken of them briefly once and then never mentioned them again.  William soon figured out that they were nothing but ill-trained thugs who thought to rule by force, which was the way of their cowardly prophet, Mohammed.

The fact that App-0001c had been tortured then released, one of the Four had suggested Cyanide pills which was promptly put down.  But now that App-0001c had been let go by the original "under-the-radar" task force, he had next been picked up for questioning by the FBI, and he was still in their custody.  They didn't know how far the FBI would go.  But App-0001c could not tell them any information he did not know.

But it put a whole new slant on the situation, and now, with his organization exposed, recruiting would have to be even slower and more secure.  There was a new face in the crowd at the Patriotic Gentleman's Club.  He was not very talkative and quite sullen, but warmed over a beer and began to run off at the mouth.  He never had a clue as to when the hat pin GPS monitor was placed in his shirt collar by one of the Four, and that his words were being recorded both at the Club and elsewhere.

His stories would be checked again and again for accuracy or change, dates were noted, as well were places.  The descrepencies had pretty much ruined his chances of ever being recruited, and that, within just a few days of his arrival of the club.  But it was the use of the hat pin GPS monitor that helped the Four to know how much the rest of the men of the club knew.  It might prove crucial to know if they were ever infiltrated.

It was soon discovered Charlie forgot his story as to where he was born, his raising and other stories changed and were never told the same, the details changed over and over again.  One evening he was dropped off by a gorgeous redhead who walked him to the door, then helped him to the large couch sitting in front of the huge TV screen.  She introduced herself as his daughter, and asked if Charlie had been talking too much.

He has Alzheimer's and he can't remember much except his very early childhood she explained.  That's why she drove him everywhere he needed to go.  But William didn't buy it.  It was too much of a coincidence that he showed up, couldn't keep his stories straight, and then she comes up and voluntarily explains about his forgetfulness.

Another puzzling part is why he had never mentioned her before.  And gauging by her age, she would have been more like his granddaughter than his daughter.  No, Charlie was not a likely candidate for recruitment at this point in the game.

But this night, after his 'daughter' had left promising to return for him at ten o'clock, he seemed irritated, pensive, then irritated again.  He slogged his beer, then another and another.  He was at the limit for the clubhouse, when he became very talkative, and began talking about Obama, and about the deliberate destroying of our country, and he wished he could do something.  He regretted not killing the Clintons when he had the chance. *

He raved on and on about his connection with them, how they'd brought in drugs using military planes while governor of Arkansas, how they had used him and his friend, then his friend had 'committed suicide' in the park.  Vince Foster was his close and trusted friend, and had gone awry after getting mixed up with the crowd of the Clintons.  He had been compromised and then when he threatened to go straight, became fearful for his life because he knew too much.

And then, he winds up dead.  "He did not kill himself," languished Charlie.  "He was murdered.  Just like all those other people who kept coming up dead and their deaths ruled either suicide or natural causes.  Hey, how does a guy shoot himself twice in the head, both kill shots, one with a rifle, another from a pistol from three feet away?"

He quieted for a few seconds, and seeming to have his second wind, started to rave again.

"The Clintons had been up to the destroying of the nation ever since they took office in Arkansas, and then in the White House, they just increased their efforts.  And it was profiting them millions in the meantime.  Just the same as both Bushes.  By God, I'm going to do something about it."

Suddenly he stopped and looked around to see all eyes on him.  He then just bowed his head and ceased to talk.  Within a few seconds, everybody went back to what they were doing, and the volume of the noise, the low laughter, the billiards, the talk came back up.  Old Charlie sat there sullenly, and would not respond to anything anyone said to him for the rest of the evening.

It was right at ten o'clock when the door opened to the clubhouse.  Ginger, Charlie's daughter stepped into the room with a teenage boy and girl following.  The youngsters helped Charlie to his feet, calling him grandpa, and then out the door as Ginger sought out William.  "I hear you're president of the Patriotic Gentleman's Club," she said.

"That's right," William responded. "What can I do for you?"

"Word has it that you can arrange for old timers to help fix the wrongs that are ailing our country."  She paused for him to respond, and then quickly added. "I want you to arrange it so Charlie can do something."

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about," said William.  "I've never heard of such a thing, besides that, how could anyone depend on a person who has Alzheimer's disease to do anything?  Perhaps Charlie shouldn't come back."

"Well, I guess the ad in the paper was for someone else.  I'll take dad home and he won't bother you ever again.  But I'm afraid he will try to take out the Clintons himself.  Goodbye."  William shook her hand as she offered it, then taking the note she palmed to him.

At that she spun on her heel and walked out the door.  William pocketed the note and sat down tiredly on the couch.  It was time for every one to leave, and after this incident, he no longer trusted the safety of the clubhouse, nor even his or any of the Fours' homes either.  Places in which to meet would have to be clandestine and remote from now on.  He suspected one of the places they habited were bugged.

Something was gnawing at the back of his recollection somewhere and he was troubled that he couldn't pin point the problem.  Then right before he went to sleep, it hit him.  How had Ginger put two and two together to come up with the fact that William was in connection with the ads?  How had he left a trail?  Had someone in his trust talked?  How had they made the connection to any of them?

The answer came when Randal approached him the next day on his walk.  He had caught the imposition and thought it rather strange that she had made the connection.  And if she had made it, soon others would have made it as well . . . in fact, probably already had.  There is only one way.  She was trying to flush him out.  She was working on speculative information gathered by the connection to the clubhouse.  "She was an agent" he thought to himself.

The choice was made to make sure Charlie was never recruited, trusted or even welcomed back to the clubhouse in any fashion.  If he hated the Clintons so badly and wanted them dead, then let him take on the challenge alone.  At this point William had no idea whether the man was genuine or not.

Within a week, William got his answer.  A man had been seen coming out of a dark alley in which a couple of Muslims in a vehicle were killed.  It matched the description of Charlie, but he was not picked up.  Then, barely a week later, Charlie was picked up while casing the Clinton house, questioned and released.

Barely a week after that, Charlie surfaced in the news again but this would be his last time in the news.  He had ran the gate at the Clinton residence while it was open, intercepted by the government guards which an ex-president enjoys.  He became involved in a shoot out in which the old man was reduced to worm feed.

Tests in the autopsy proved Alzheimers.  The last he had seen of Charlie was when his daughter picked him up the night he was so vocal.  Before she left she palmed him a note which he read for the first and only time in the company of the four.  It said simply,

"Here's my phone number.  If you can't do anything to help dad, please know that my services are available as well.
I've connections with the Clintons whom I hope to bring down.  It was through them that two of my cousins died while hunting as youngsters in the woods in Arkansas.  They disappeared and were found murdered, their bodies thrown on the railroad to look as if they'd died due to a train strike when walking along the tracks.
The final straw was with my mother.  She had been an aid in the law office of Bill Clinton in Little Rock, and died after being approached by him one night while she worked late.  She disappeared a week later and was found in her car, dead of an overdose.  She had never done drugs in her life.
Her death has pretty much ruined Dad, and he went downhill from there.  He nearly collapsed when he learned of Vince Fosters' death.  I fear he will do something on his own, but he is not mentally capable of pulling off something of this magnitude alone."
The note was signed, Ginger Rodgers.

When the Four were queried for a vote as to the authenticity of Ginger, and whether or not she should be investigated as to her viable recruit, only two voted affirmative.  She was then shelved, and no more mention of her was brought forward.

It was nearly time for Randal's own mission, and he had trained many hours for it.  His wife had died only a week after the Ginger incident, and now he was feeling the anxiety of the weight of the situation.  He was to take out a former aid to the Bush agency, one Dr. Parker.  Security was tight, and Randal had promised himself he would successfully complete his mission or die trying.

He had decided early on that he would leave the calling card of the group, which had been voted down from the get-go.  In fact, he felt somewhat as if the group had somehow 'dissed' him when his suggestion of a calling card was suggested.  There were many groups from history left a 'calling card' upon the completion of their 'hits.'

But the group felt it was dangerous and risky to be leaving clues.  Randal thought it would be classy but had refrained from any other mention after the vote.  He had enough on his plate to worry about with his mission.  His zeal for life had left him when his wife died suddenly from a heart attack, and the weight of the sickness of Agent Orange acquired in his service to his country in the jungles of Vietnam was taking him much quicker.  He figured he would die in his mission.

And his premonition would prove out.  He could feel it.  He could almost feel the chill fingers of the grim reaper as they groped for his soul to wrench it from his sickened and weakened body.  He was two nights from the time that he would introduce Mr. Rumsfeld to the same grim reaper of the souls who died in the World Trade Center collapse.  Rumsfeld had dirty hands as a result of his involvement in that plot as well.

Randal would die in his mission, giving his life for what he believed.  He was the first to die of the original Four.  But his final decision was to not leave a calling card.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*  For a very informational rundown on the "Clinton exploits" during his tenure as Governor of AR, lookup Clinton Chronicles - Youtube.  (Back)

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