avier responded to the chime of the doorbell with the intercom system.  "Who are you and what do you want?" he snapped.

"My name is Beau Adams and I'm a friend of Carl Autman and Charlie Rodgers" Beau answered.  "I'm here to speak with Mrs. Wimberly in the best interest of Carl."

"Charlie Rodgers has been dead for some time now, and Carl died this morning" the voice on the intercom said.  Warning bells started sounding in his head.  He had to get inside that house!

"I'm sorry to hear that.  We helped in the defending of this community last evening against the attack of the gun grabbers.  I'll leave my card if you have some way to secure it so it doesn't fall into the hands of the wrong person."

"That won't be necessary Mr. Adams.  Please step through door when I buzz you in.  Who's your friend?"

"This ain't good" Jesses said under his breath.  "If Carl is dead, what's the chances of Sigrid still being alive?"

"No thank you Beau said as he pressed the intercom button.  We'll just be going on our way."  At that Beau and Jesse turned around and took a step away from the door.  Suddenly it burst open and a quite young thug looking sort of guy stood there with a sawed off double barrel shotgun.  The pattern would spread quickly and one even close to the area in which it was fired would catch a huge amount of death it would spew.

"Now you wouldn't want to insult Mrs. Wimberly by leaving without saying your proper hello's would you?  She's waiting for you through that hall and to the left.  I'll follow you."

Jesse was ticked off good and mad by this time.  He'd already figured out that this guy was NOT in the employ of Mrs. Wimberly.  They would learn of the situation before they tried to take this guy out.

"Stop by the kitchen table and empty your pockets.  Mrs. Wimberly does not want firearms in the house."

Now there was no doubt of problems within this house belonging to Sigrid Wimberly.  Sigrid owned guns.  And not just a few.  She carried guns, she used guns.  Knowing this full well he was wound tight as a seven day clock spring.

There didn't seem to be anyone in the house other than Xavier.  As Jesse and Beau stepped toward the table acting as if they were going to comply with Xaviers' demand, the doorbell rang again.  Xavier instantly showed quite a level of irritation and turned his head in the direction of the door.  He tried to walk sideways to reach the wall on which was mounted the intercom system.

In an instant Jesse closed the distance between him and Xavier, coming close enough to disarm and knock him out in a very brief struggle.  He was just thankful the shotgun hadn't gone off.  He motioned to Beau to answer the door while he secured Xavier, finishing with a gag in has mouth to keep him quiet.

Jesse immediately started through the house quickly perusing the rooms in a quick scan to locate anyone else who might be there.  No one.  He stepped through the door into the garage, and again, no one although the car she drove the day he saw her take care of the thug was in the garage - and it was cold.  Jesse then headed back through the house back toward the entrance and heard the voice of a girl.

Jesse peeked through a window which looked out onto the entry and saw Beau speaking with a very lovely girl.  Tall, about five seven, light brunette hair, slim but shapely and in a light blue dress with lace around the hem and neck.  Attractive eye candy!

She was driving a very nice little BMW E21, 1975.  While it was not a rich mans car, in this day and age, to be driving something like that while the country was under martial law and unruly to say the least, well, that was quite a huge question mark.  And to boot, a vintage 1975 model . . .  One just didn't drive something like that as an 'every day' vehicle.

He had not invited her in but was standing in the doorway and the mood between them seemed quite innocent.  Just as Jesse reached the door Beau said "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

"My name is Monica Autman.  My dad was a policeman until he died about four years ago.  I came to visit my friend Xavier who is a grandson of Mrs. Sigrid Wimberly.  Is she home?"

"No, she isn't home at the moment.  I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting Xavier.  What does Xavier look like?

"Xavier is about five nine, stocky build, blond hair and blue eyes.  His last name is Donaldson.  Here is my card.  Would you please give this to Mrs. Wimberly?"

"I sure will Monica.  By the way, how did you say you were kin to Mrs. Wimberly?"

"Uh . .  I'm no kin.  I only learned of her yesterday morning when my boyfriend Xavier mentioned her.  With him being her grandson she had extended to him the offer of a place to live while he got on his feet.  Well, I guess I must be going."

Jesse motioned to Beau who casually walked Monica out to her car.  Very quietly he said "I'll contact William."  He had never shown himself to Monica so she was not in the know he was even there.

William and General Randolph were at Bobs' house across the street and were aware of the girl.  But Carl had been taken to Bob's house because of the medical care he could provide.  He saw the when it drove up and ran the plates.  The car had a red flag stolen on the computer

William had just received the news as Beua and the girl stepped around to the drivers side of the car.  Beaus phone rang and William said "detain that girl."

Beau simply said "sure dad."  He then leaned up against the drivers door and attempted to engage Monica on a different subject.  But suddenly, Monica was not the nice girl she'd shown herself to be earlier.  "I would like to leave now.  Would you please step away so I can get in."

Beau said "I'm sorry.  I've been ordered to detain you.  I hope I don't have to take you down and cuff you."

Beau was looking into a very violent storm brewing in her brain which was displaying through those lovely eyes.  What she was thinkin' was very evident on her face.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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