utside of Williams quarters Doc said "OK, what gives?  What so important about that clock Beau?"

Beau looked at Doc earnestly and then looked at Link  He shrugged his shoulders and said "Doc, I don't know what you're talking about.  It was just an innocent question.  Now, can you give me a place to lie down?  My head is killing me!"

Doc picked up on the language and relented. "Ok Beau.  General, let me have Beau and Jesse long enough to get him to the hospital since that's near his quarters.  We'll see you in the morning in the ready room.  Restrict Beau to the hospital for two days please!"

"Beau, you heard the Docs orders.  Link, I want you to grab a rifle and guard Beaus quarters tonight.  Don't you move or bat an eye for sleep.  No one in and no one out except by password.  That's an order.  Now move!"

"Yes sir!" said Link and turned toward his assignment for the night.  He followed Jesse and the Doc as they delivered Beau to the hospital.  Jesse, stand guard at the door.  Only myself or one of The Four to have egress!"

"Yes Sir"  He swung around so as to back Beau up to the bed, helped set him on it, then bent down and swung Beaus feet up.  Beau was nearly out.

"Jesse," Beaus voice was weak.  "Tell the General about Hermie.  He then lost consciousness.  Beau was in dire danger of his life.  He would be the second of the crew to suffer a concussion in less than a weeks time.

"Soldier?" said the General.

"It was two days before the Gauntlet mission sir.  Beau, Talbert, I and Link were playing twenty one.  "You have the time of the next mission?" Link asked.

"Naw, they don't give little guys like us details of missions.  You know know that soldier" Beau responded.  "You up for a jaunt?"

"Yeah.  This will be my first one.  I'm just kind of jumpy, that's all.  I heard that last bunch got shot up and only two made it.  Weren't they part of the Fightin Nines?"

"I'll let it slide this time soldier, but keep your questions and comments to yourself.  Loose lips sink ships.  You know that.  You gonna play or what?"

"It didn't mean a whole lot at the time.  But a little while later, just before my roommate and I hit the sack, Talbert said 'don't worry soldier.  Hermie will keep us on time - ' while thumping his wrist watch."

"Why is this important Jesse?"

"All the pieces fit Sir.  Talberts watch meant nothing except that it was a time piece.  So is Hermie.  Talbert was raised in the Black Forest region of Southern Germany.  Hermie Clocks is a German family owned and operated company in its third generation.  Talbert was not only part of that family, he worked there."

"Link is in cahoots with Talbert.  Links' middle name is Hollins.  That clock on Sharon's shelf is a Hermie clock, a Hollins style.  With Sharon and William gone on the Gauntlet mission, Talbert could have the opportunity to do something to the clock.  It may have a camera, or an explosive . . .  Sir, I think William and Sharon could be in immediate danger sir."

General Randolph added "and with William and Sharon away on the mission, and Sung Wu being on a herbs run their quarters were vacated long enough for someone to sneak and alter the clock."  But we've all been away for various periods of time.  The only way they could know when any of us are gone, is they have to have someone on the inside with knowledge of what was going on.

Doc was already on the phone.  "Sung Wu, this is Doc.  Beau is in dire need of your help.  Also, bring William and Sharon along and make it snappy!"

It was but a matter of two minutes when the door busted open when William and Sharon were hustled in nearly being dragged by Sung Wu.  Sharon was grasping for her house robe attempting to get it buttoned up.  Sung Wu immediately bent over Beau while Doc was calling Ladasha.  Her quarters were off the furthest corner of the little hospital.  Beau was in trouble.

But so were everyone else in the Bunker facility.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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