n less than a second, one of the limeys had retrieved his cricket and snapped it twice.  They could hear a donkey coming their way from the whirring of the electric motor and the grating of the wheels on the track, but doubted the cricket could be heard.

Within a minute or so, it would be coming around the corner to shine it's lights right on them  William was about to jump up and try to snag them, but didn't know who was coming.  Was it intruders girl, or one of the men in response to the alert signal"

signal cricket

"She couldn't hear us if that's her on the donkey.  And it might be someone else.  Let's back up to the door and hide there until we find out."

At that, they all started hoofing it back in the direction from which they came.  Less than five seconds later, William heard a door slide open then shut.  He WOULD be finding out about that door before morning.

Now William and Sharon moved around and hunkered down in front of the donkey to surprise and snag whoever it was coming toward them.  When the donkey stopped directly behind theirs, a woman was heard to swear, then got off and carrying a couple of briefcases and a satchel and started around the first donkey.  William stood up and pointed the gun at her and quietly said "You make a sound and I'll kill you where you stand."

Sharon moved in behind her and relieved her of her cases, setting them back on the donkey.  She spun her around to lean up against the wall and kicked her feet out in the search position.  After searching her, she located a piece of rope and several large retaining rings on the donkey, and tied her hard to it.

"Do you know her Sharon?" William inquired.

"Yeah.  This is our bookkeeping lady" she answered with disgust.

The sounds of men running were heard, and Beau was the first around the corner.  Lyndal came up behind him.  William held up his hand and with the other, shushed them.  He then said quietly "is anyone of our troupe coming from the other direction?"

"Not that I know of."  He then shined the light in Tralanas' face and asked "What is she doing here?"

"She's a spy Beau" Sharon said matter of factly.  How well do you know this girl?"

"A spy?  A spy?" Beau was incredulous and looked as though he'd been slugged in the stomach.  "We were going to be married after the war.  How do you know she's a spy?" he asked.

"We heard plenty from the extraction group come to retrieve her.  They are just down the hall hiding in another off-shoot.  They are behind a sliding door." William explained.

Sharon was getting one of those sick feelings again when she was around death.  She saw the girl fidgeting with her tongue inside her mouth, and figured she had a cyanide capsule.  A conk on the head fixed that problem for a few minutes.  She then gagged her with a handkerchief rolled into a ball.  Hopefully that would keep her from accessing the tooth.

They were all whispering as they come up with a plan of some kind.  In the quiet of the corridor, they heard the sounds of the door sliding open.  Again, they all hunkered down behind the donkey, but this time there more than just were two of them.  Now, there was a total of five men and two women.  Just as the leader got to the first donkey, he stopped and said "did she know where that door was?"

"Blimey mate!  Of course she did.  What are you nattering about?" retorted one who was obviously of British descent.

"Because now there are two donkeys you bloody fool.  She must have come to this dead one, then walked the rest of the way out.  Lets go back the other way and see if we can find her.  At that, they all turned in the opposite direction and started again back down the corridor in the direction of their ingress.

"William was just about to stand up and yell at them to stop when one of the intruders paused then said to his friend, "while we go look for her in the other direction you girls go and wait beside the door through which we came.  If she shows, get her into the little room and wait for us there."

"Yes sir" she replied.

William was snapping orders, "Beau, see if you can transmit a message to Ginger or Amy.  Tell them to come down the Bunker tunnel ASAP, cautious and armed.  Tell her we have armed intruders coming right at them."

He stood there peeking around the corner and saw how the sweet 'lil Adelaide opened the door, then yelled "Hold it right there. We've got you covered."  Almost instantaneously all hell broke loose.  The intruders had walked approximately a hundred feet away by this time, but at the sound of Williams voice, all begin firing a torrent of hot lead into the donkey corridor.

William had already motioned everyone to the left side of the tunnel around the corner where there was no way they could be hit unless it was a ricochet from one of the donkeys.  The sounds of fire bellowed and echoed like cannon fire.

They were still sending plenty of rounds down the hall at them.  William correctly guessed they were approaching while firing in an attempt to keep them pinned down and prevent Williams group responding.  He dropped to his belly and peeked around the corner from ground level.  He saw a man close up and coming fast and dropped him with his .45.  He popped off another six rounds knocking down another and hitting one in the arm causing him to lose his gun.

He was hoping Ginger and Amy were taking the proper precautions to prevent becoming a target themselves.

Ginger and Amy were both packing when they came out of their quarters in flimsy nightgowns having nothing on besides the nightgowns and an ammo holster bulging with magazines.  This was something they weren't used to, and so they were in for quite a shock.  They made it to the "T" where the tunnel from the Bunker dead-ended into the larger tunnel leading to the Hilton and back to the newest discovery, the vehicle storage room.

Being at the same side so as not to create a crossfire situation in which they would be firing in the direction of the other, they'd never crossed the end of the tunnel, so the intruders never saw them.  Imagine their surprise at the welcoming party waiting on them.

As the remainder of the group came barreling past, they were down low, and yelled at them to throw down their guns.  The lady called Michelle stopped, dropped her gun and raised her hands.  The Englishman who had caught a round in his arm was standing with his good hand up.

But the gravel voiced ignoramus spun and met two forty fives.  Amy double tapped him in the heart, Ginger got his head.  As he spun then fell to the ground, the Aussie spun and was dropped.  The Brit stood still but was bleeding profusely from his left lower arm . . . that is, what was left of it. Unless he got help and very fast, he would not make it 'til the Doc got there.

Ginger motioned for the Brit to assume the position against the wall while she frisked him.  She then told him to sit down and lean against the wall.  She unloaded and laid his weapons by the wall next to the staircase on the other side separating the ammo from them then removed his belt for use as a tourniquet.  She pretty much figured he was too far gone by that time.

Michelle was standing there awaiting instructions, and when Ginger told her to "assume the position, she turned slowly and said, "you know . . . I think I know you.  You were the one searching for her daughter in the town where the moslems had a headquarters.

"Yeah, that's right.  Who are you?"  I'm Michelle from the burned out dress shop.  You purchased me a cup of that stew made in the black kettle.  I was so very hungry and you were kind to me.  Thank you for that soup."

Not feeling the warm fuzziness intended to make her drop her guard, she asked "what are you doing here Michelle?"

"I fell into the wrong crowd after the moslem pigs killed my boyfriend.  They had intentions of taking me as one of their dhimmi sex slaves to be murdered at their discretion, but I was lucky enough to escape.

"Well I guess you know you're in a peck of trouble.  The men in this group here at the Bunker are fighting against those same evils that are trying to take this country.  And they are all good men  Level with them, tell everything you know.  It will go so much better for you.  Turn around, Michelle, I'll have to put you in shackles until we figure this all out."

Ginger had no way of knowing who she really was, nor what was about to happen.  Michelle slowly turned her back on Ginger but when she was within reach, spun around and caught her with a surprise sweep of her legs then slugged her with a quick jab, knocking her almost completely out.  She went down like a sack of rock.

Instantly Amy caught her from behind bringing her XD down on her head cold-cocking her.  She was gonna be hurting for several days after that.  No one, but no one does that to her mother!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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