ow dare you speak to me in that tone of voice.  I'll call the police and have you arrested.  Now step aside.

Beau never moved.  Jesse recognized Officer Autman as he, William and General Sherman strode in the direction of the car.  Bob, whose house by which he had standing on the evening prior had was leading the pack.  It was plain to see Carl was still weak.

Carl flashed a badge to Monica and stated "you are under arrest for vehicle theft, suspected murder, espionage, fraud, sabotage and treason.  Please place your purse on the vehicle and turn around.  Place your hands behind your back.

Monica stood there as if attempting to figure out a way out of the situation.  Still acting timid and at the mercy of all these men she suddenly struck out moving like an angered cat.

As Carl stepped into striking distance, she spun sweeping his feet and like lightening she struck him in his temple knocking him cold.  Instantly lashed out toward Beau.  Beau had seen many of these kinds of maneuvers and simply took her by the arm and folded it up tight into her back making her cry out in pain.  Bob retrieved Carls cuffs and restrained her.

William had picked up her purse and laid it on the trunk deck of the car after getting Carl up and sitting in the car.  He then opened it and poured out its contents.  By this time Jesse had strolled up to join the crowd and instantly recognized the .357 magnum.  He knew that pistol belonged to Sigrid Wimberly simply by the maroon grips.  He gathered the car keys and stepped to the trunk of the vehicle.

In the trunk were several suitcases, one of which Jesse pulled out.  He opened it to see what could be so heavy and was surprised to find firearms of all kinds.  His first thought was they were some of the firearms confiscated by the UN mercs and were to be distributed to the thugs on the streets.

It was part of the New World Order plan to disarm those Americans who would fight to save their country and arm those who would help to kill the Republic.  Part of an ingenius plan to kill two birds with the same stone.

William and Bob escorted Monica into Sigrids' house secruing her to a steel rail stepping down into the sunken living room.  Jesse backed the BMW into the garage beside the other car.  They would soon learn they'd had captured someone of importance to the movement in the destruction of America early on in Carls' investigation.

William had called for Amy or Ginger to come to their aid.  Within fifteen minutes Amy pulled up in the driveway with Andrea.

Three more suitcases had been pulled out of the trunk of the BMW.  And the registration did say Monica Autman.  But there was a serious problem with the whole deal.  Monica Autman, a cousin of Carls had died while a spectator in a botched robbery while fueling the BMW a year ago.  The vehicle had disappeared while she was en route to the hospital.

A man and a woman involved in the robbery, who matched the description of Monica, the woman they now had in their capture, had gotten away.  Carl confirmed the man to have the same description of Xavier.  The other man had been shot dead by the police in the erupting firefight.  Seeing the BMW with no occupant, Xavier and Monica had escaped in it.  It was never found.

Until today.  Now, both were in the custody of Carl who knew they would be set free rather quickly so he requested them to go to the Bunker brig.  Amy and Andrea returned from the restroom after a complete search of Monica.  She was now wearing a blue jump suit brought by Andrea for just this purpose.  The clothes Monica had just shucked would be completely dismantled in an exhaustive search.

Amy and Andrea headed for the door with Monica to take her to the Bunker.  She at least would spend some time in the brig for questioning.  After they left with her, Jesse retrieved Xavier and had him in a jump suit as well.  Beau was in the garage checking the BMW over for transmitter bugs and finding nothing.  After giving the BMW a once over he informed William of the contents of the vehicle.  "It was loaded with weapons of all kinds, monies, checks, personal papers in several folders."

As a matter of curiosity, he found the keys to the Mercedes he thought belonged belonged to Sigrid.  In the trunk he found Sigrid.  She was in bad condition and barely clinging to life.  Doc Wilson was dispatched with one of the military ambulances and by the time they left for the Bunker, Jesse was looking more closely through the house.  No need to look through the drawers and cabinets; someone had already hastily gone through them.

In one of the little outbuildings Jesse found a beautiful Harley which he figured belonged to Xavier, or whatever the guys name was.  There was no registration, but it would turn out to be quite a story.

Sigrid, in the Bunker Hospital, was coming around and quite responsive.  There was no doubt this little old lady was tough!  She took up quite readily with the women in the compound who made over her.  She already knew Ginger quite well and was instantly drawn to Amy.

And she made over Ladasha as well.  Ladasha was a very pretty woman, and her kindness, her soft-spoken character just willed one to love her.  She was very near in appearance to Whitney Houston and had blessed the group with her singing on more than one occasion.  Ladasha was a well grounded part of the Bunker group, a very internal part on which Doc. Wilson depended greatly.

Sigrid, being outspoken and of age where people tolerated her being candidness.  She just assumed that she was Doc. Wilsons wife.  When she learned different, and the fact that she wasn't even married, she decided it her duty to make sure those two "got hitched!"  No one had the nerve to tell her that she was Willie's girlfriend . . . actually longtime financé.

But Willie made sure she learned this fact right as soon as he heard the gossip.  He was also gentle and softspoken and spent enough time around her and eventually got an opportunity to do it gracefully.  When Sigrid learned that she was Willies' intended, then she simply stated outright aiming her rhetoric at Doc. Wilson, "you ain't gettin' no younger.  You need to be married now!"

Ladasha simply thanked her and excused herself.  Andrea and Amy picked up on it right away and made it a point to corner her later and inquire as to the goings on in her inner self.  They both had it figured correctly; she was in love with Doc. Wilson.  But neither would mention their suspicions to others.  Something like this could cause hard feelings between Doc. and Willie who just didn't seem to be in much of a hurry.

Bob had requested to join the Bunker group and was assigned Outside Liaison between his community group and The Bunker.  He took it upon himself to begin organizing other communities under his outside group, but was extremely careful to keep the knowledge in secrecy as to his connections to the Bunker Militia.

His work would prove invaluable in the coming months and his organization, his ability to be out there in those communities organizing them all in the same manner would save many lives and many guns from falling into the hands of the rogue thug groups.

It was the third day that Sigrid was in the hospital that she felt well enough to complete the story of her ordeal which turned out quite interesting.  And it differed much from the two different versions Xavier and Monica told.

She wanted to give a deposition and wanted Carl and Bob there at the "deposition" as she called it.

The next morning at nine o'clock, Ginger, Amy, Andrea, Sharon, William, Sung Wu, General Randolph, Beau, Jesse, Willie, Ladasha and Doc Wilson were in the ready room when Sigrid was wheeled in with a wheelchair.  Her color wasn't looking too good this morning to Sung Wu.  He conversed quietly with Doc. Wilson.

He then left and returned within five minutes handing Ladasha a little bottle of what looked to be water.  "Two spoons" he informed Ladasha then stood by with a glass of water.  The deposition commenced within a minute or so after taking the liquid all the while making funny faces.  She was a hoot and kept the group laughing.

The group didn't know they were going to get her biography, but sat spellbound as she relayed portions of her life, and then finished up with how she was overpowered right after the firearm grab.  There were three young men and Monica.

One of the young men came to her house within an hour after the shooting was over.  She had become acquainted with him the first day he'd worked for Wimberly Communications less than a year before martial law was declared.

An impressive resumé nice looking young man, quite knowledgeable, college education, was from New York, and was an ex CIA bodyguard, and introduced himself as Cassian Brannon.

She had used him on a couple of assignments since martial law and was considering hiring him as a full time live in body guard.  On this visit he brought two men with him and 'his girlfriend' whom he just 'had to introduce to her.'  The two young men he brought with him were nowhere nearly so nice as him,

One was introduced as Brasso Ramsey, the other as Xavier Donaldson.  The girl was introduced as Monica Autman.  They got suspicious and nasty when I asked if she was kin to Carl Autman.  The girl very quickly excused herself and left.  I felt immediately afraid of the three men.  Cassain, upon seeing my distress, made ready to leave and said "Mrs. Wimberly, I must go but I'll be right back.  I'll leave you under the protection of Brasso and Xavier 'til I get back.

I was no where near my purse to retrieve my gun, and suddenly the lights went out.  That's the last thing I remember from last night.  The next thing I knew I was in the back of my car and tied up.  She then asked Beau "did you find ny of the three safes?"

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