my tied her with a couple of the huge plastic ties handed to her by Beau.  He had stepped out of the hall just in time to see Michelle in her move to overpower Ginger with the sweep then the fist to the head knocking her silly and quite helpless.  There was something about that punch he had seen before, and did he have some news to tell William.

The third young woman was a quiet little blond named Abigail.

Back in the tunnel near the donkeys Adelaide stood with her back to the corner of the little room, hands in the air, her Glock on the ground.  She was crying incessantly and had wet herself.  Sharon took control of her very quickly, shackling her to the other side of the first donkey to get her out of harms way and to keep her out of the way.

More running, and more people pouring into the cavern.  A couple of men took control of the four men who lay dead and one was bleeding out in spite of the tourniquet.  He was quietly sitting by the wall, pale and had by that time realized death was but a few moments away.

All the women survived albeit with some nasty looking bumps.  Doc had simply gotten to the Brit too late, and he had pretty much expired before Doc ever put his knees down in the mans' blood to help him.

All the intruders were being searched quickly, and had all been stripped down to their underclothes.  The dead men had been stripped nude and tarps from a nearby truck put over them. Their clothes were being searched immediately for tracker bugs or mikes  On every intruder they found them sewn and secured in their clothes.

Beau smashed them and then later included them in the incinerator with the bodies.  Pictures had been taken of each person.  Ginger was sitting up with a cant to her neck from almost having it broken.  Sharon and Amy took control of the women and with Sung Wu along, headed them to the brig where questioning would begin immediately.

Within a couple of hours, Beau returned from the incinerator and was inspecting the walls of the little room which was accessed through the sliding door.  After seeing this he knew there had to be an exit to the outside.  All he had to do was find it.  He was incredulous as to them not finding it prior to this, and it put an intense dread into him that without a doubt, there were probably more.

There just had to be a way to find all these things.  Another thing was bothering him deeply: who else knew about this place and its many openings.  They would find out more than they had thought could ever be.

One thing was for certain: the attacks were ramping up.  And their proximity of success growing closer. Another thing was for sure, they were going to have to beef up their security!

The Old Patriots group and Sherman's Militia the Tanks, were beginning to call the Bunker/Hilton facility Bunker Hill which was later shortened again to just Bunker.  Just kind of shortened the name for ease of conversation.  But Beau sought confirmation to ramp up the number of men for guard duty.

They would soon learn it was the Clintons who were trying to secure several of these places.  It was a toss up to know if they had learned of Harrington's death as of yet.  If not, they meant to make sure he was dead so they could take control of the Bunker Hill facility.

The the next morning over breakfast the men of the two groups were all talking at once describing what went on, who did what, why, how, who . . . This was a big ordeal, and carried with it deadly consequences.

William and General Randolph had spent most of the last night after the incident discussing the problem and how to solve it.  They were only able to secure about an hour of sleep, then they hit the cafeteria.  They desperately needed some strong coffee and lots of it.  An emergency call to the the Four had gone out to meet in the ready room at 0600.

Abigail, Adelaide, Michelle and Vasillisa Utyosov aka Corey Sue, akaTralana, aka Lorraina, had been questioned and grilled the remainder of the night but information from them was not adding up.  They had all been taken to the brig and sequestered alone and away from the others.  After an hour of questioning, the interrogators would tap on the steel gate, and would simply rotate with the other two.

After they had seen all three, another set of three would rotate in and restart the cycle all over again.  But Beau was extremely smart at ferreting out the common thread of the three testimonies, then getting a direction in which he could see some truth.  He did not take a turn with Corey Sue or Tralanna or whatever her name was.  He felt betrayed, stabbed in the back, hurt, violated.  He doubted whether or not he would ever see or talk with her again.

The information from the prisoners on which William was making notes was mind numbing and bone chilling.

The story and the truth was beginning to come together.  It was true that the Clintons and Harrington had played a deadly game of chess, winner take all.  They were aware of the ownership of General Randolph, and had laid specific plans to not hurt him, as they needed him alive to run their organization, and eventually, sign over powers of attorney and relinquish the real estate to them.

But Harrington was playing his own game and giving his own orders and had personally give the 'investigators' who had first captured him the order to 'kill him if you don't extract the information I need.'

Through Harrington, they had gleaned a lot about Randolph who was making quite a name for himself, and who was in possession of upwards two hundred million dollars worth of ordinance and drugs to which they claimed ownership.  But, they hadn't taken the time to think on whether any one would destroy double that amount in drugs.

Or at least, no one in their "right" mind would destroy it.  One thing that always amazed William and the General was the amount of cold hard cash that always accompanied drugs.  In this case, when Beau did a precursory search of the Harrington place, he had not dug through any of the drugs, nor had he checked all the rooms.  There was nigh on to three and a half million bucks in cold hard cash stashed in the room between the one filled with cocaine and the one filled with weed.

With the Clintons both being savvy lawyers, they had no qualms about getting out of prosecution for offing him if they felt it necessary.

It was very obvious that only a government or at least an arm of it, could have so much of either one of these stashed substances.  The only reason the drugs hadn't been destroyed by the Old Patriots as of yet was because they had in mind of using it in barter in the case of an emergency.

But it was common knowledge of several others of the huge amount of money on their hands.  Something of that importance will not stay unknown for long.  With this latest infraction of one of their own, he was just not feeling very good about all the different men of whom they knew so little about helping to guard something of that importance.  It was a grave matter to look into.

But, where do you hide that much stuff?  About the only place it can be hidden.  Right where it is.  But they definitely need to get some more measures in place to handle that end of the operation.

Something that would not quit gnawing on his brain was something one of the intruders had said.  That they could blow the whole place up with what is in that one room.  That was quite a statement, and, it was certainly something he did not want many of his inside people to know, much less outsiders.  But, obviously someone knew!

"Sherman what all does the communication man know?  I mean, does he have any way of telling if there is a chasm or opening behind a wall?" William asked.

"William, I don't know the answer to that, let's get him in here.  He buzzed the command desk and asked to send Gunny in.  Beau and this man, were the same level in the Marines.  Most of the time they called Beau by his name, but he did have tenure on the Gunny.  Since they were so used to calling Beau by his name, in this instance they used the title Gunny for the other guy.

His real name was Hayden Maxwell and he was very sharp on communications, radar, guidance systems and jamming signals.  When he reported to the General as ordered he was asked if he knew of a solution, he just said, "Yes sir!  I have the very thing.

"What are you working on currently?" Sherman asked.

"Well, I finished the install and testing of our radar system and it's all done.  I've a team set up to man it and the communications.  The person on duty will sleep right there with the control unit and an alarm will sound if anything without prior recognition markers moves in the area.  I've cleared everything with Ginger to set the transponder codes which will not alert when any of our planes come into the span of the system."

The Gunny then asked "what can I do for you General?"

"Do you have any ideas as to how we can search behind walls, concrete walls, floors, ceilings . . .?" General Randolph asked.

"Yes sir, I have just the thing.  It might be a little slow, but it's sure.  Might I inquire as to the work you're interested in doing?"

"Yes you can Gunny.  We learned of some more unexplored rooms, tunnels, cavities, whatever you want to call them through the incident last night.  We need every inch of this entire facility, both sides of every corridor, gone over with a fine tooth comb.  Get on it and stay on it until you're completely finished.  Get you some men to help."

"Yes Sir!"  Hayden saluted, spun and hurried out.  This was going to be one chore he would flat enjoy!

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