eau responded with "Ma'am, I didn't have time look through your house.  Jesse took a quick look trying to find you.  He said all the drawers and cabinets had been rifled."

"Well, it doesn't surprise me.  Those vermin had nothing in mind but to rob me.  When you think you want to go I'll give you the info to find and open them all.  The other safes are in the garage.  I don't think I'm going to be needing them much longer.  I'm feeling very tired right now."

"OK, everybody out.  She's talked enough for one day."  Ladasha stepped up and gave her two more spoons of that miracle stuff provided by Sung Wu, and then gave her a mild sedative in the IV.

But she had kept the crew busy for over two hours talking about her life in Auschwitz, her escape to America with two sisters, one of which had contract Polio within a year, Selena.  The other, Anna and her husband, was in an automobile accident within four years of marriage in which Carls father had died.

But both sisters would be invalid the rest of their lives  Sigrid had faithfully nursed them both by herself all those years.  She would count little on any of the hired servants.

Selena had never married, and Anna had a two year old at the time of their automobile accident.  Anna had married a man by the name of Daniel Autman.  Their only child, Carl was visiting Sigrids house the day of the accident.

Carl and his wife Raimond never had children but had adapted.

Armed with this information it was time to question the couple in the brig.  Ginger and Amy had 'Monica' in the brig under the hangar and Xavier was in the Bunker brig.  Neither had as of yet unloaded any information.

When Bob returned to Sigrid's home he had the keys to Sigrids house.  He went in to check it and obtain the identification numbers on the Harley in the outbuilding.  While he was there he put it under heavy lock and chain, recorded the vin#'s and sent the info to William.

He also put an early alert warning system in the home to prevent further damage.  It didn't seem as if anyone else had been in the house other than Xavier.  Upon further questioning, Xavier finally let loose of some information which Beau and Jesse confirmed.  It turned out that Brasso Ramsey was indeed the real name of the second thug, and was a brother to Logan.  Xavier knew little of Cassain Brannon or where he was.

One item of importance which they let slip through their fingers was the location of Brasso Ramsey.  He had been left there with Xavier and Monica by Cassain.

Monica finally relented with some information of herself.  Her real name was Linda Anne Salter, born in Louisiana, no siblings, parents missing.  She did know Xavier and had brought some guns for him to pedal.  He was driving the Harley parked in the out shed which he'd taken in a raid.

But neither were sure about Cassain.  All Xavier knew was that he was supposedly a Lieutenant in the Hoggard brigade.  That local thug group consisted of about forty men and several women who participated in rousting houses, drinking and drug orgies.  Loosely organized, unruly, made raids when in need of money and had a high turnover in members.  With little or no medical to be had, many died even of slight wounds.

These were usually left where they fell.  It was pretty much a rule, if you were wounded by gun or knife, you were on your own.  Thus the turnover rate was quite high.  Anyone wounded at the hands of these gangs were merely robbed of valuables and left; usually dead.

Most of the time their victims were killed outright for the simple fact of prohibiting possible identification later.  With little or no intervention of law enforcement officials, unarmed victims had little chance of survival except in not being caught.  But few survived unless you get completely out of masses of people.  Even the most gentle will kill for a can of food with which to feed their families.

But this caliber of people were not the gentle type.  They were of the mind that "only the strong survive."  The were of the 'kill to live better' vermin which walked the streets and accosted anyone and everyone.  Sometimes they died, mosttimes they killed.

But to them, it was merely an everyday normal activity in the goal of becoming a leader of their own group.  Many died with a bullet in the back simply for their spot in the chain of command.

Beau and Jesse were set to make the short trip to Sigrids house early the next morning.  They had secured the access location and information, and were to bring her vehicle with them.  Bob from across the street was to meet them there and witness the event.  Early the next morning they arrived to a house which had again, been completely ransacked.

Every picture was torn off the walls and destroyed, furniture cut up in an attempt to find hidden valuables.  Bob was amazed at the destruction and the failure of his alert system to warn.  It had simply been knocked over on its face and would never alert.  Whoever it had been were obviously in the know about the little alarms.

They'd forgotten about Brasso Ramsey who was there all along.  Neither had Sigrid informed them of the secret "safe" room in which the safe was hidden.  He'd found it open the first time he ransacked the house.  It wasn't very big, but two persons could stay in there for several hours.  Located between the closets of separate bedrooms it was not easily discerned.

With the contents of the house pretty much all destroyed, they simply went straight for the safe learning of the room and where someone had obviously hidden.  But there was really not a lot in the safe.  There was a large folder containing shares and information of Winco which was gathered in a briefcase.  Jesse went out to get the Mercedes and Amy was to drive the BMW.  Both cars had all the windows knocked out.

No doubt they might run, but the damage was more than the vehicles were worth.  The only thing left was to move them to allow access to the safes secreted in the wall behind swing away cabinets.  It was a truck load.  Beau had also removed the harley from the outbuilding as well.  When they left the house, vandals destroy it by fire within a month.

Upon hearing the damage of the home her and Henry had built and lived in for the last thirty years she was heartbroken.  But she was glad the safes had protected the firearms and the bonds for the communications company, Winco.  Her last action was giving the entire company to Ginger.

Within a month of Sigrid's rescue she died.  She was very instrumental in convictions of both Xavier and Linda.  Both were summarily and quickly executed, cremated and ashes dumped in the forest.  Even the threat of death had not procured much in the way of information.

Bob was instrumental in making sure all the people of that neighborhood had plenty of firepower supplied in part from the stash Sigrid donated.  With his help numerous cadres were set up.  Each cadre was organized consisting of four blocks by four blocks.  All within that section had an intercom between them.

Even with the limited police force and supporting organization, the results returned the Harley was stolen as well.  But something else came into the knowledge of the Bunker as well.  And it came through the oddest of places . . .

rat bike
Rat Bike

Amy came into the Ready Room after a flight delivering some meds to a group of men down close to the border.  Just after she set the little Cub down on a dirt strip one of the guys rode up on a rat bike.  He dismounted and left it running sounding like it would explode at any second.

The decent looking guy was heavily armed and Amy nodded toward the bike as she handed the packages to him.  "Quite a ride" she commented wondering how the thing even ran at all.

"Yeah, we keep 'em running anyway we can.  That one has got the parts of eleven different bikes on it" he chuckled.  "Some of them are even rice burner (Japanese) parts.  We were caught in a tough spot a couple of months ago when two of our group was killed and the third is barely making it.  This will help" he finished holding up the meds.

"Sure beats walking!" she returned.  Know anyone who lost a beautiful red Harley?"

The guy stood there in disbelief.  "Yeah, I lost a '99 Softail Heritage Springer in that raid I just spoke of.  We were attacked out on the open road while stopped to help a woman in a BMW by the road with the hood up and trunk deck up.  Nice looking lady.  Said her name was Lindy."

99 Softail Harley
'99 Softail Harley

"Suddenly one of the guys in the Jeep behind me fell at the sound of a gunshot.  Another guy in the Jeep behind him stood up as well and took the guy stepping onto the road from the other side.  He died in a hail of bullets.  A group of about twenty ragged men appeared from the bushes.  Being severely outnumbered and them having the drop on us, we all put our hands up."

"We were all ordered to dismount.  Another guy was shot when he didn't move fast enough for the guy someone called Cason.  They took off with all our transportation, supplies, arms and my Harley.  They piled all our loose stuff and firearms in the trunk of that BMW which Lindy then closed the lids and casually drove off as if nothing happened."

"We were in a bad way.  No food, water, meds, transportation or communications and no weapons.  We carried Jim over behind the same bushes in which the attackers were hidden caring for him as best we could.  Within an hour he died.

While one of our guys was tending the fallen man someone said "hey man, you're leaking red stuff!"

"That was Gene Bateman, the guy riding shotgun in the second Jeep.  He'd taken a shot in his lower side.  The guy we all called 'Doc.' looked at him and decided it was a minor wound. Although the wound was not real bad, if you don't have any kind of first aid or antibiotics, you can become mortuary fodder pretty quick."

"Ain't that the truth!" Amy agreed.

"One of the men of our hideout came looking for us that evening.  But Gene was getting pretty bad.  Doc. patched him up with what little resources we had, and he's lasted this long.  Doc. says he'll make it with these meds.  Thanks a whole bunch!  Gotta run."

Amy finished her story and sat thinking for a few seconds.  Then she said "I got to thinking about this guy and his Harley after lifting off on my return trip.  I'm just wondering if 'Lindy' was actually Linda Salter . . .  And, if the guy he called Cason was actually Cassian Brannon . . . "

"Sounds like too much of a coincidence to me Beau said.  "William, what do you think about Jesse or myself taking the cub and going down to talk to this guy.  What was his name Amy?"

"Well, I didn't get his name.  But I bet if it's his bike they'd like to get it back.  I bet those firearms in the BMW belonged to those guys."

Lyons Brigade Patch

General Randolph was listening closely as she described the man whom she'd met.  He then stated "might be Lt. Andrew Hall who rode a motorcycle - in a militia."

Jesse asked "Amy, was he wearing colors?"

She scrunched up her eyebrows.  "Splain it" Amy retorted.

"Was he wearing a vest, like a motorcycle club?"

"Yeah.  Patriot Lyons.  Across the ribbon at the top of his vest was 'Patriot Lyons', then the lower ribbon said 'Brigade'.  And there was another patch too.  Had a small jet on it.  Like the Sabres in the Korean war . . . I think."

"I'd be willing bet a Duece-ana-Qwata that was Andrew Hall!"

"What is a Duece-ana-Qwata?" Amy said rolling her eyes.

"Why, that's a big ol' Buick Electra 225!" he said.

It was clear Amy didn't know what that was either.  All the men were chuckling.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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