t was lunchtime, and Beau joined William and General Randolph.  "Can I barge in on your lunchtime" he asked.

"Sure Beau.  What's on your mind?" the General said.

"I have some info about the incident we experienced last night.  Two of the girls talked of things pretty consistent; names, places, incidents, their background, who they were working for, but the one who is the problem, is Michelle.  She did something last night that I've only seen one other person do"

"It was the way she swept Gingers feet, then delivered the knockout punch that I caught.  That girl is a Russian.  I just learned her real name is Vasillisa Utyosov, and she's an operative connected to the same group from which we got the first load of ordinance.

I'm certain she was sent in by Slick Billy boy Clinton; part of a splinter group used to do all the little dirty stuff that the Russians, the moslems and the Panthers are too good to do."

"We're still getting bits and fragments from Michelle . . . uh Vasillisa together but the info is hard to come by.  You know those ruskies . . ."

"The girl I've been seeing since I came here, Corey Sue Thompson, Tralana, Michelle, is not just a spy, she's a black ops soldier doing some of the Clintons dirtiest work.  It doesn't bother her a bit to stick a knife in you while having sex with you.  She was no doubt planted in a place where I would meet her."

Disgustadly he continued "she was in Hillary Clintons own personal body guard detachment, and is extremely smart in computer, bookkeeping, and other commercial services.  She was Hillarys' female companion for three years."

Beau had pretty much finished his report while the men ate, and was contemplating getting a bite himself when Haydon Maxwell came in, and stood to one side until he was recognized.  "What have you got Haydon?" the General asked.

"There are no less than nine secret and secluded offshoots to the main tunnel to the Hilton.  We've managed to get two open.  The second one is something you really need to see sir." he replied

"Can you just describe it to me Gunny?"

"Yes sir" he stated emphatically.  The first room was pretty much empty with the exception of some shelves.  The second had the same shelves but it is full of plans sir.  There is yet another room we've located which we have not figured out the lock on as of yet.  When we opened the second room, we noticed a little wire coming from the lock.

He waited while the General pondered the information then continued.  "It is wired to explode sir.  It might very well pay us to vacate the whole facility until we get the explosives removed."

"But that's not all.  One and two are wired together, and that same wire goes to number three.  Sir, I suspect that all those specific rooms are wired with explosives.

"Beau.  You're the IED (Improvised Explosives Devices) man in this group.  Go check it out get me a report right away."

"Yes sir."

Less than five minutes later Beau came back.  The General took one look at his face and knew something was very wrong.  "He stopped mid-sentence to William and just sat looking at Beau.  "You have something to report Beau?"

"Yes Sir.  I do."  He paused for just a moment and said, all of those rooms have explosive charges set in them.  They are all supposed to go off if any one of them are disturbed or if the door is opened.  I wired in a shunt to keep the immediate ones from firing, but I don't have any idea as to how many different sets there are, or, if they're all wired together."

"I did see one thing and got a man to remove them all and put them in the ready room.  The second room was filled with plans, and according to what I saw on one of the plans, we haven't located but about a third of this whole facility.  I think someone else has been sharing this facility all along, and have complete run of this place."

He paused for a minute then said  "Sir.  We are all in grave danger if someone somewhere has access to the controller of this facility."

"That puts the safety of the whole facility into question as well as everybody in it" William stated.

"That is a fact, and if someone were to be listening right now, it's a possibility they are ready to take out the whole group.  That single act could clear anyone to take over the other facilities we have."

A cold chill ran up Williams back as he contemplated the possibilities.  General Sherman was speaking.  "Beau, seek you out five good men, and get cracking on this thing immediately.  I don't think they will blow this place with the ordinance, the drugs and cash we've found here . . ."

William and Beau both looked at the General with a look of question on their faces.  "We haven't found a load of ordinance and drugs here . . ." William thought.  But neither he nor Beau voiced the questions on their minds.  Either the General was bluffing or he knew something they did not.

What they did know was enough to not question, or at least voice their questions at a time like this.  There was always the possibility of someone or a bug being within earshot of the conversation.

"William, let's go start looking over those plans.  They got up and took off without cleaning their mess up.  What was on their minds was something of extremely high importance.  If they didn't disarm this monster, it was about to take them all down."

Beau was already in the Ready Room with his men and they had some plans laid out.  "William, you mentioned something about a base tunnel?"

"According to what the guy was saying last night, there is a base tunnel and it was the last place for someone to vacate the system.  I just kind of have a gut feeling if we find it, then we can gain control of the entire system."

The group was awed at what they found next.  In one of the huge caverns there was eleven huge containers which looked a lot like propane tanks sitting on detachable frames with wheels and miniature wings.  A low whistle emitted from the General's lips, and he looked up to hear the explanation of what was in the markings.  "General, I think we might be in the spy business.

"General, these things, as well as numerous military type guns, cannon and ammunition is government issue.  It is illegal for civilians to even own it.  So, either this facility was a military facility that was given or probably stolen away for pennies on the dollar, or, some big wig traitors within the capital of our nation, has been storing this military stuff as it is stolen from the government."

"This stuff methinks, is on the same level as the C130 Hercules.  If that certain someone instrumental in the theft of something as huge as that is still alive then we have a huge problem on our hands" William mused.

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